Kyo's Lagginpunch

I found the Joe Tiger Kick thread to be very helpful for people having trouble dealing with that move online, so I was hoping a thread for Kyo’s lagging dragon punch move would be good as well. Thanks to shoddy yellow bar connections it seems a player can literally dp on reaction so baiting it and punishing is really difficult. If this has already been discussed in another thread you can feel free to close this one, sorry.

I’ve tried empty jumping it (it comes out too fast)
I’ve tried jumping over it (auto-turn around ala SFIV :lame:)
I’ve even tried trading with it (only the 2nd part when he’s already in the air trades, the part where he’s on the ground wins cleanly)
Back+CD works but only sometimes due to lag.

I know this was an issue in SF also, but most of the characters seemed to have a ground Ex move or Ultra that could blow through it and punish or even focus attack. I really doubt a Critical Counter can stop it, so is there move in this game that can trade in favor of/blow through Kyo’s lag-friendly dragon punch?

Empty jump wont help, you would need to safe jump. I haven’t had any experience with dp switching sides too much, either.

Never mind I just decided to go with Iori, his super goes right through Kyo’s DP (and everything else?) and it builds meter pretty fast. For some reason Kyo’s DP is the only one I have trouble with, does it have some special properties I’m not aware of? How do you safe jump it?