Kyos most damageing combo EVER (C-groove)



After fucking around with Level 2 cancelling it has come to my attention Kyos most damageing C-Groove combo ever.

Jump in Fierce Kick, Standing Fierce Kick <c> Level 2 Final Shodown <c> Fierce Double Flip Kick, Level 1 Orochi Nagi.


  • The Jumping Fierce Kick must be timed very late

  • The Standing Fierce Kick (RoundHouse) will push Kyo back a bit so the Final Shodown must come out VERY quick, otherwise the first pillar-explotion will miss

  • Let the animation for the Final Shodown end and then quickly do the Double Flip Kick (Fierce).
    And yes, you CAN do it with Fierce Kick. Doing it with Light Kick is a bad idea since the first kick will hit but the second will miss.

The opponent will still be “burning” in this juggable animation state.

  • The Double Flip Kick must connect exactly so that the opponent is juggled high up, almost to the top of the screen

  • The Level 1 Orochi Nagi must be preformed the instant Kyo lands from he Double Flip Kick.

Ammount of hits: 14
Damage (Ratio 2 Kyo) 10599 Points
Somewhere around 70-80 % of any normal character

And yes. The Level 2 Final Shodown can be replaced by a level 2 Orochi Nagi although it will deal less damage. (Thanks Veteru!)

Although it seems to be a lot easier connecting the Double Flip Kick when using a Orochi Nagi instead.

If anyone has a more damageing combo (except A-groove CCs) I’ll be glad to listen and try it out, but after playing with Kyo such a long time I doubt there is a more damageing combo then this.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you for your time.


Off the top of my head:

jump rh, s.rh, qcf+fwd,fwd, dp+fwd, lv3 wave super (flaming body hits, immediately let go and the wave hits after), whiff qcf+jab, hcb+jab, jab (OTG ground pound).

Does about 10974 or something in C-Groove, more in other grooves.

Kyo has a ton of death combos on characters with 60 stun, if you want to count those.


Wouldn’t it be more damageing using a Level 2 Orochi Nagi then cancelling it to a Orochi Nagi Level 1?

I do know that they both can juggle an airbourne opponent.

So it goes like this:

yaddda-yadda, Double Flip Kick Juggle, Light Spin Kick, Level 2 Orochi Nagi cancelled to orochi Nagi Level 1 – Yadda-yadda?

Does that work? Will it make more damage?


No, level 2 wave super is too slow. And it’s a medium dp+k, not light.


Someone compare the damage on this one to those?:

(1/4 screen about)
j.roundhouse,s.roundhouse xx qcf+forward, dp+forward, L3 flame super, followed by off the ground reccas


I did an even MORE DAMAGEING Kyo Combo today!!!

11211 Points!!!

Jumping Fierce Kick, Standing Fierce Kick, Fierce Double Flip Kick Juggle, Level 2 Orochi Nagi <cancel to> Fierce Double Flip Kick Juggle, Level 1 Orochi Nagi.

This is the ONLY combo I know of that will allow Kyo to do TWO Double Flip Kicks in the same combo!

This requires C-groove Level 2 canceling that will allow the Level 2 Orochi Nagi be cancelled to a Double Flip Kick Juggle.

Can anyone beat this deadly combo? :slight_smile:


that’s a cool combo gj man.


what if u f.fierce after juggle xx serpent wave lvl2 blah blah blah? would that work better?


I’m not sure.

I have a very difficult time cancelling the Shoulder Ram (Forward + Fierce Punch) to a Orochi Nagi.

I’m not sure if a Level 2 Orochi Nagi can juggle a shoulder rammed opponent.

A level 3 CAN juggle a shoulder-rammed opponent since the Level 3 Orochi Nagi flame will juggle, but a Level 2 is a LOT slower.

But IF it is possible, then this combo should (in theory) work:

Jumping Fierce Kick, Standing Fierce Kick, Fierce Double Flip Kick Juggle, Should Ram (Forward + Fierce Punch), Level 2 Orochi Nagi cancelled to Double Flip Kick Juggle, Shoulder Ram cancelled to Level 1 Orochi Nagi.

I’ll put up another post when I have the time to test around with Kyo and see if this combo works.

It’s way too late now (5 am)


Yes. I noticed that today.
But do you know if the Shoulder Ram (Forward + Fierce Punch) has the ability to cancel to a Level 2 Orochi Nagi?

Wouldn’t that make the combo more versitile if the DP+Medium Kick was replaced by a Shoulder Ram cancelled into Level 2 Orochi Nagi cancelled to yadda-yadda-yadda?

I really need information about this juggle ability.

Thank you for your time.


Sholder ram works into super outside the C-combo, something to do with the way the juggle system work, it won’t work in the C-combo. Personally I would save the level 1 at the end and just do the shoulder ram into otg for damage or dp+hk for stun.


ShinShotokan when i first started playing cvs2 and found the lvl2 cancel your first combo was all i was using but i didnt use s.fierce kick i used c.foward into final showdown and i always had a problem doing lvl1 orochi naga after the double kicks so i changed it to his 2 hit running grab and kept the lvl1 for corner escape atempts.This for me worked better than going for more dmg.If you would of check some of the kyo threads i posted in it was there.

To bad his light and meduim rekkas dont chain better.:frowning:


jump in HP stand round house HK split kick, dp mk orochi wave lvl3 ground OTG.

the weird thing is I still cant OTG properly.

I was playing 3rd strike one day and I was like hmm maybe if I try super move cancel into special move cancel in Cvs2 with P groove, it mite work. SO I went home and turned on my Xbox and tried it.
IT WORKS!! then I tried at the arcade, it wasnt working.

thats weird.

so I made a combo on the xbox

jump in HP roundhouse split kick medium running grab attack xx Orochi lvl3.

or crouch mp , mp qcf lp , qcf, lp f kick xx orochi lvl3


pGroove special cancels only work for cvs2 EO…
don’t really bother finding practical combos for EO because none of them will work at the arcade


HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say HE’S RIGHT!


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Theres another combo with Kyo that allows 2 qcf+Forward Kick in one combo, its an A-groove though

Jumping Roundhouse,Low Fierce,into qcf+Forward KickX2, Jab dp (Activate CC)XX Strong DP (whiff) Stand or d,df RH) (repeat 6 times) into hcb+Forward KIck, deep Fierce DP (dizzy)

… Jumping Roundhouse, Low Fierce, qcf+Forward Kick, into DP+Rh

I believe this combo does about 8622 >_<.THe only good things about this CC is that if you land it on a stun 60 character more than likely they’ll get dizzy The major problem is that it starts with a Jump in and well in CVS2 with Kyo that can be a bit of trouble. Wish there was a standing Dizzy CC with him.


my most damaging C groove combo. opponent in the corner:

jump in hk, close hk into hk double kicks, level 2 final showdown for one hit, hk double kicks, mk spin kicks. opponent should be dizzy by now. dash back immediately and whiff 2 dps, then jump in hk, close hk into lk double kicks into level 2 orochi nagi into fierce dp.



Originally posted by Nokato


[quote}I believe this combo does about 8622 >_<.THe only good things about this CC is that if you land it on a stun 60 character more than likely they’ll get dizzy The major problem is that it starts with a Jump in and well in CVS2 with Kyo that can be a bit of trouble. Wish there was a standing Dizzy CC with him.[/Quote]

Actually u can do this custom on all the characters, and u dont actually have to start the combo jumping in on the opponent.

u can just as eaisly hit them with a any fierce, then soon after go into close, fk double kick ect… (and still get a dizzy the same way.:smiley: (use right about the damage though, and it builds pretty good bar)



well, i’m sure everyone knew about his old 100% combo, but i’m not sure if all characters get dizzy.,, qcf+mk,mk (or hk), qcb, hcf+mp, cancel into qcf+hk,hk, opponent should be dizzy. whiff 2-3 jab dp’s (i’m not sure how many), repeat the combo. or u can end it with his f+fp, whiff 1st two reccas, and otg him on the third, after the qcf+hk,hk.