Kyo's position and grooves?

I like using Kyo and definately want him on my team.

I’ve read both the Arc faqs on Gamefaqs but neither discusses the grooves in terms of Kyo.

I’m a 3S player and can parry well in CvS2 but I don’t want to mess up my timing for 3S so I’m avoiding P-Groove. Kinda torn between C and N.

Also should Kyo be first R1 or last R2?

I like him in K, tried in A but I can’t live without run and small jump with him.
I think Kyo is not that good to be a R2, unless you’re using weak characters like Athena and Yuri on your team

p and k kyo = only kyos that matter. n kyo is better than c but much harder to play.

Well personally i dont find C Kyo easier to play than N Kyo…N Kyo is mostly K Kyo but with RCs and Counter Roll(which sucks…dunno if it should count even…) and no JD/Parry so its harder to get in.

I personally dont see the point in A or C Kyo compared to P or K…its not that they are bad in those grooves its just…i dont see why some people use them over P or K Kyo. And i agree R2 Kyo is kinda bad, he tends to either OCV or get pwned really bad…

i totally agree, once he plays against some bad matchup ur done for, so definitely R1 for kyo

N for kyo is better than C cuz he has run and low jump, but these grooves don’t bring out his best compare to K and P groove

kyo has something good to offer in every groove

midscreen shorts into short upkicks into level 2, cancel into dp+rh = hella damage (more than lv3 i think)
guaranteed dizzy combos in the corner with level 2s
rc rekkas, rc dp, rc short upkicks
stored super

really buff anti-air cc
guaranteed dizzy combos in the corner with cc
guaranteed guard break cc that can’t be alpha countered out of, into rh xx upkicks etc
rc rekkas, rc dp, rc short upkicks
stored super

parry into really buff no-meter combos
jump in parry
low jump
stored super

dodge into rh -> really buff no-meter combos
low jump
has run and low jump, and doesnt get agrooved to death

rc rekkas, rc dp, rc short upkicks
low jump
has run and low jump, and doesnt get agrooved to death
semi-stored super

jump in JD
raged rh throw / low short mix up
low jump

r2 agroove and kgroove kyos arent that uncommon either, but it really depends on who your other teammates are

(strong dp)xN, right? i didn’t know it couldn’t be alpha countered out of, i thought that was only iori’s doing jab dp’s, but i guess it makes sense now. if only i could do the strong dp’s that fast without buffering them, because i always mess them up when i buffer for some reason.

N-kyo is fun too.

does this combo work?

cr lk, cr lk, cr mp xx qcf mk, mk, dp mk, lv 3 flame wave, whiffed 3rd rekka

i know cr mp links qcf mk, but not sure if it works too with two cr lks infront

i know this sounds stupid but try looking at your hands while youre buffering it. if youre worried about the meter just keep count of how many you can do with a full meter or whatever

bootleg but it works for me if im nervous

only one will work.