Kyosuke CC'z



Anyone got any good damaging CC’z for him that they would like to share?:slight_smile:


C’mon, I know there must be someone that playz Kyosuke:(


Someone should try to see if you can do an air cc combo after the launcher. That would be sick.


I know I have seen one where they knocked up into the air and just did the "flash kick"move in the air over and over again, and end it with the super one, it takes them off the screen.


here is his C.C

qcf k, qcf p over and over



on a jumping opponent.

Activate . Launcher . Super jump . strong x 3 . super jump . strong x 3 (until corner) . (qcf roundhouse . qcf fierce) until bar almost depleted . qcf x 2 k . qcf k

not very powerful, but can be done anywhere.

you could do a more powerful version in the corner by activating after his lighting move then proceed to qcf roundhouse . qcf fierce, but that requires you to corner opponent and then hit them with a crappy move.


its does more damage if you jump in to the oppoent, Go CC, and Do the Qct.Fierce the whole till you get 11 Hits, them do the Qct.RoundHouse till your low on Gauge, then do Qctx2.AK and finish it off with a Qct.RoundHouse. TADA:p