Kyosuke Killer..



My friend and i were playing the other day and Theres something that i dont get about eagles magic return.

My friend was Kyosuke I was eagle both in C.He was working his mind games between sweeping and overhead lightning thingy(forgot the name)As was I with my overhead and sweep.I was the first one to get dizzy so my friend gets closer, taunts then does his Qcf,Qcf+p super magic…I recover from my dizzy only to throw out the magic counter.Well I returend his super back at him which did 5x the damage it would of done to me.He gets hit and flys away only to be knock into stars.

Now my question is how come eagle can only counter Kyosukes super and not ryus or ryos or anyother projectile super?And why does kyosuke get so much dmg in return and Always ends up dizzy?


Those are some pretty intense mindgames…

Although I have no idea what the situation you described shows…

Kyosuke is a horrible character. His vitality and dizzy meters suck balls. Some characters get dizzy faster than others because they have less dizzy meter. This is why small characters do not want to trade hits with big characters like sagat. They will 1 - take more damage from the trade and 2 - get dizzy faster.

And finally: :wtf:


No no I went into training mode with eagle vs kyosuke.recored him doing his supper returned it back at him and he always goes into stars.
And there was more to it than just sweep and over head :o and no it wasnt intese eagles counter pretty much stopped most of kyosukes attacks.

His returned super did more to him than it would to me.I just wanted to know wht he can only return kyosukes super magic.


HAHAHAHA, at first i was kinda skeptical about what vigilante was talking about. So i also tried it on training mode and set the Kyosuke dummy to do lvl3 fireball supers

And for some odd reason, Eagle can do that bat swing and deflect Kyosuke’s fireballs into one fat ass yellow ball. This fat yellow ball does HUGE damage. And since the ball isnt considered to be a super move, it also does crazy stun damage causing kyosuke to be dizzy.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I don’t want to be mean but this little excerpt had me rolling. Super magic! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


wow…Eagle can deflect Kyosuke’s lvl3 fireball super into a fat yellow ball thats good for 10,000 hit points, and 94 stun damage. HAHAHAHA


great…more reasons why kyosuke sucks…


Ok, now that I actually know what this thread is about…

that’s some pretty funny shit.


Buktooth showed me this thread. Pretty crazy stuff. It’s just weird because Eagle’s reflect doesn’t even work on other super fireballs. Like it doesn’t even reduce their hit by anything like all other reflects do.

I tried reflecting Morrigan’s MP fireball using Eagle’s HP reflect from full screen and having Morrigan superjump straight up and throw a lvl1 air super fb so that it has to go through the reflected fireball. So then it becomes a one-hit super fireball. But Eagle can’t reflect that. And he always gets hit by it too. With other fb reflects, that one hit of the super fb would have gotten nullified. Guess it’s just an Eagle vs Kyosuke thing.


maybe it works cuz the supers in seperate parts someone should find this out


Only thing I can think of is that Kyosuck’s super fireball isn’t so super (i.e. it’s just the regular fireball graphics cut and pasted for 5 seperate projectiles without the properties which prevent Eagle from reflecting every other super fireball).


I was redoing the combo so that I could put it on VHS for my internet deprived buddy. Anywho, I noticed a few things.

  1. I can’t JD more than 1 hit. Once you JD the first hit of Kyosuke’s super, you’re stuck in blockstun and get pushed back.

  2. I don’t always get rage meter for the reflect. As soon as I noticed I reflected a super without gaining meter, I tried it again right after, same thing. So then I tried with jab and fierce, still no meter. Then I screw up and eat one super, get back up, reflect the next one and I get meter for it.
    The only pattern I can find is if you JD one, you won’t get meter if all you do after that is reflect. As soon as you eat a hit, you will gain meter for all reflected FBs.

  3. When you’re close, the reflected fireball is split up into multiple yellow balls. That way you can do partial damage and avoid the automatic dizzy. Chances are you’ll hit with 2/3 or 3/3 reflected balls. It has more to do with the timing of the reflect. The later you do it, the wider spread you get out of it. Do it meaty/early, it will overlap the hits into a normal looking ball.

  4. 16k damage for one reflected super, j. hk, c. fp xx super - is the bomb. It’s all about getting his stun up so that all hits of the reflected super land.


Erm … you do know that Rage meter fills up by you TAKING damage right? That might explain things about the reflect.


Go away, you don’t belong here.

Countering a move is NOT taking damage, yet you can get meter for it.


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:lol: try it with geese or rock… plenty of meter for countering a move


yea Kyosuke has to be one of the worst guys in the game…so funny how Eagle reflects his super like nothing


Damn haters. I hope you get OCV’ed by a ratio 1 Kyosuke, perfect!


ratio 1 kyosuke is top tier…!!:tup: BITCHES!!!

Fight On:karate: