Kyosuke Pokes

Kyosuke has been improved in CVS2:EO(improved damage, more vitality, more lenient timing on his air chains), but one things still puzzles me, what does he have to poke with? I think his standing roundhouse has nice reach, but it’s awfully slow(12 frame startup in CVS2). I’d like a nice attack that can be followed up by a cross cutter and the only thing I’ve come up with is his standing fierce.

Anything else that I can add pressure with?

I like his standing mp or standing hp for jus a poke. mp won’t combo into a Cross Cutter (at least it hasn’t for me) and the hp does but it won’t combo.

Best pokes:

Standing Fierce canceled into cross cutter.

Jab cross cutter:D

Crouching jabX3 into jab cross cutter(good for keeping opponents away, start trapping, and for eating guard bar)

Crouching forward

Standing roundhouse once in a while for a bit of mixup

Crouching roundhouse at far range for a bit of mixup too

crouching jp.

mid range crouching lk.

standing fp is also good. But that’s better for his B&B fp into rh cut kick.

d.Mp, Jp cross cutter This connects,
d.Sk, d.Jp, d.Sk, Cut kick

Mix up the standing roundhouse kicks, with ducking forwards. and use standing forward against jump ins (practice distance)>


Crouching Fierce also isn’t too bad.

If you have an opportunity to combo a cross cutter, try comboing a shadow cut kick (qcf+any kick) or, if the opponent is ducking, a lightning thingy (dp+fierce) into a shadow cut kick (qcf+any kick).

down MKick for best poke and then Mp fireball to push back. Kyosuke is great on p groove. Just parry coming air attack and nail oppoent with air combo to built up meter. The team up super is the best one, tough to nail that is all.

Crouching forward is good, but too bad that you can’t cancel it into specials.

I still think that far standing fierce is the best cause it pressures the opponent most and will lead to a guard break. Of course, it’s EXTREMELY important not to be predictable, so try to mix up several good pokes.

Sorry, crouching forward is very possibly the best and safest poke Kyosuke has. It got really nice range, hits low, and priority.