Kyosuke's Infinite

Maybe i haven’t looked hard enough but i didn’t see this anywhere. if somebody could give me his infinites in c and s it would be appreciated…thanks

Check out the Sairec video…

where can I get it?

yeah, i’ve been wanting to know how to do kyosuke’s infinite too. where is this Sairec video and is it still available?


kyosuke has an infinite?

and look at me doing his air combo like a sucker.

hey dude since u say it, can u explain it to us?

I am pretty sure it goes like this: Have to be in S groove in unlimited super mode. In the corner use his rising lightning super, jump up MP, land, repeat…

no bitch, his infinite is very hard. true u need level one upper lightnings.

u do lv.1 super jump veru close to land mp then super, the way its done is where the super happens soo soon after the mp that they dont flip, u can also do his air combo insdtead of just mp.

if u want to do i nfinites jus learn Kims, hes a much better character and u can start it off a lv. 2

wow…so TWO people in this game have infinites? Anybody else? Yea…this does not make Kyosuke a good player…he still sucks

Everyone should have an infinite in S-Groove technically…

with or without infinite…kyosuke still kix ass

I dont really see an infinite on Kim…Only with that stompy thingy…but Im probably wrong.

well, he has an infinite, but that has to do with editing. There used to be a vid on But I don’t think it does exist anymore. It is quite easy though. Just try to edit your character with SNK groove, and set everything to original(everything that you can used or the game gives you for editing) and you will be fine. I don’t remember how it was done, but I am pretty sure some one could answer your question. I think I gotta look for the vid in order to come up with the response. If I remember correctly, it should be done like :confused: qcbx2+p then qcf+k and repeat.

Uh, no. Nobody has supers that recover fast enough to combo another super, or supers that set up juggle state AND juggle themselves, at least not under normal circumstances. Capcom was smart enough to avoid another CvS1 SNK Iori/Mai situation as well by making the meter charge at a slower rate.

Kyosuke and Kim’s infinites work because of the CvS2 engine’s penchant for transferring properties… in this case, juggle state. They are true, in the arcade version infinites. Not some whack EX Groove glitch infinites like EX Groove with S Groove bar Iori’s.

yeah like for S Terry. You think you can do lvl 1 Buster Wolf forever? After you do the 2nd one, the guy falls down already.