Kyosukes strengths an weaknesses



Ok for all kyosuke players (i know there are people who feel like me and do play with him despite the fact people thinks he sucks)post yall insights on what u think is his strengths and weaknesses.

And yea be serious i wanna know what people think ima post what i think of him though.


ok ima start with the positive aspects first:

1.air launcher and air combo can play serious mind pressure on an opponent your facing.

2.good range on attacks

3.shadow kick is a good anti air

4.air blade slicer(or whatever its called)can allow u to jump in on opponents with out worrying about getting hit out the air if u can hit the blade slicer correctly.

5.cross blade cutter wins all fireball battles(a nightmare to those damn shotokans)

6.has a few good bread and butter combos.

7.a special move for every situation.

8.his lightning upper is good for poke heavy characters because in the middle of their move their gettin swiped up into the air and attacked by a shadow kick

9.special moves have good priority

10.can win matches because of the element of surprise that noone plays with him so if you’re not predictable he can keep opponents guessing.

and now to the bad part folks


1.alot of his normals have low priority. is used for embarrasing purposes only as it is a useless flashy "cool"kick.

3.level 1 kick supers priority is so low it can be stopped by a short jab.

4.requires excellent timing to be even slightly effective aganst others.

5.his roll is slow man im sorry it really is while not as slow as others its still slow.

6.his moves have a ridiculous recovery time.a missed shadow kick could mean your life.

7.most of his specials have to be used in a combo as the recovery time of them will get u mopped across the screen.

8.some of his normal attacks have a slow recovery also.

9.i would say he’s a definite masters player who can use his strenghths to outshine his weaknesses as this can be hard as hell for a new player.


All his normals lick balls. His launcher outright sucks. There’s no pressure involved with that. The only way you can land it is if someone wiffs something stupid, or you jump in and some how manage to combo into launcher. Which wont happen very often. 1 because his jump ins suck. 2 because of the length of time required for the start up of this move, which means you have to land his jump in deep (which is harder to do when your jump ins lick balls). His upper is horrible. His overhead can be seen from a mile away. If you try to jump in with his air fireball you will probably get dragoned. If they block you are fucked, if they dragon they will probably trade for the better. All his specials have incredibly long recovery time and can be easily beaten in their startup animation. His below average specials in NO way balance out his HORRIBLE normals. HIs far s.fierce bufferes into fireball but does not combo. His shadow kick his HORRIBLE anti air. All his anti airs require extremely early execution. His best anti air would probbaly be his c.fierce, but comparatively to other characters in teh game it is not a very good move and i’ve been beaten out by lots of attacks. His dash is relatively quick. His CC LOOKS cool but IMO is not very practical. His air moves may have pretty good priority, but the startup on them requires almost psychic abilities. All his specials will lose to normal pokes from other characters. Once other characters get into their poking ranges kyosuke is pretty much fucked. His and are decent pokes. The seems to be a little bit faster, but again they will lose to almosmt every other characters pokes at that range.

It is very hard to set up situations with this character to inflict damage. and once you get there you have to hope your opponent has gone for a piss because his moves are both slow and have low priority. For every 2-3 hits kysouke deals out, he can receive 1 and lose the same amount of life. I have yet to find anything “good” about this character. So far the only way I think you can do well with him, is if you are playign someone who is pradictabo to you. I’ll post again when I have something good to say about this cat. Im still determined to find a way to use him effectively.


There are some situations where Kyosuke can be good.

RC Fireball is really good against opponents that can’t RC.
RC Shadow kick is a good anti-air.

So if your opponent isn’t in K or P Groove and they can’t RC then those two specials will become his entire offense :slight_smile:

Also in S Groove Kyosuke is almost a decent character. If you manage to dodge a slow as normal/special you can launch into his 5 hit air combo. OR you could just do dodge attack with punch(which is waaaay faster) XX Forward shadow kick which does MORE damage :lol:

In desperation mode, Kyosuke is at his best…His fireball super is really good to abuse. Then he has the infinite in desperation, which is extremely difficult to do.