Kyosuke's Supers



I just read Kaiser-wave’s topic and it broke my heart. Kyosuke’s supers are not useless and they do not do little damage. In fact, random supers is one of the last things you want to do. What do you guys think on how to use the super? Crouching forward is not cancelable but is super-cancelable. It can combo into all four of his supers which is good for beginners if they keep accidentally cancel into special moves instead. Most of his supers are good for wake up cause they come out fast (level 3 super shodow cut kick seems to beat out everything. The super cross cutter can be used as anti-air. The super lighting upper continues to hit even if you trade hits. Final Symphony Remix is totally comboable, damaging, and stylelish. Please post what you think.


Thats the problem, Kyosuke’s supers do do little damage. Ive linked 4 straight level ones in s groove and it still didnt do that much damage. It was rather pathetic, the only times Kyosuke’s supers do alot of damage is in K Groove or when he hits with the Final Grade Remix.


Actually, the lightning upper super is meant to give you a free aircombo. Since you didn’t do an air combo but just a into another super, it won’t hurt as much. It’s like saying that Iori’s level 1 purple flame stun super doesn’t hurt much cause you didn’t follow up with anything. But what the heck, it’s an infinite. The guy will eventually be dead so we cannot complain:D I agree that the super cross cutter do pathetic damage, but the super shodow cut kick is really good. I use it in wakeups when the opponent is running towards me (dead giveaway). Nice damage too.


The one good use I will say Kyosuke does have is that he is anti P - Groove. You may think im full of shit but he really is. His fireball is one of the harder moves in the game to parry because of its over/under motions. That and the ability to always have Final Grade Remix as a threat is a good anti P Groove tactic. Kyosuke also has low stamina, I mean really low and really nothing to help back it up. They really kinda fucked him up pretty bad, he has little to no priority with anything and you have to play defensively with him. Which pretty much goes against the Rival Schools style of play. I was actually happy to see Kyosuke in the game till I saw what Capcom did to him. They should have put in Hinata instead.


Try to RC his moves. It helps a lot. For example, RC cross cutter to dodge fireballs. RC shadow cut kick and lightning upper for a nice counter. His special lightning overhead is slow, but it has priority.

Kyosuke is not anti P-groove. You only need to parry his specials and supers ONCE, then Kyosuke’s toast. That’s only against experts though. Raher, I find Kyosuke anti S-groove. You try to dodge his fireballs, you still get hit cause the cross cutter travels slow and tends to stall. You can’s clear them easily with a dodge cause you end up touching it with your back. You also can’t roll past or get around them easily.