Kyoto Lounge Fight Club Weekly, Manchester, UK - 6th May

Sup guys.

We’re restarting the Fight Club events at the Kyoto Lounge in Manchester City Centre, UK. There will now be four weekly tournaments, and an end of the month main event.

This months weekly tournaments will be on the 6th May, 13th May, 20th May, 27th May.

The games in the weekly tournaments will be:

Street Fighter 4 AE: 2012
and for this month, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us

These will be Xbox ONLY

For the Main Event, on the 25th May, we will be playing the same games on both consoles (though you can only play on one console), plus a players choice tournament.

Please Understand:

Kyoto Lounge ultimately doesn’t care about fighting games. They make enough money through renting PC’s and people renting consoles to play Fifa. Fifa looks pretty good on their TV’s, but there is lag. If this is enough reason for you to not come, then please don’t, and please don’t try to change their minds by bitching about it. They don’t care. The only reason they are letting me do this at all is so I can take all the flak instead of them. If you bitch enough they’ll get tired of your shit and it’ll get shut down again. I’m just a one guy with extremely limited tournament experience, trying to run something that isn’t completely garbage. The only way I can do this is if it is chill as fuck. Please bear with me.

This will be a causal weekly, and an even more casual main event.

This is the only way it will be, or can be. There will be lag on the TV, and the general air of ineptitude and bullshit. Hopefully, this will get better as it goes along, and I get more responsibilities, and get better at organising these things.

If you want to help, send me a PM. I’ll buy you a drink or something, because I doubt I’ll be making much money.

If you’re in Manchester, and want to drink and play some fighting games, then please come. It’s perfect for drankin’ and fighting. Virtually fighting.