Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou - The Jin Kazama Video Thread



Reveal Trailers:

Jin’s Cinematic Reveal Trailer.
Jin’s Gameplay Trailer.

Character Overlook:

Maximilian’s and Markman’s Jin Breakdown.

Jin’s Trials:

Trials Walkthrough by Maximilian.

Jin’s Combos:

Rameo’s Combos.

Japanese Online Matches:

Haneyama’s Jin.
Poongko’s Jin.


Off topic, delete if you want to keep this thread clean. But thank you for the thread name!




I guess EX Penetrating fist is +9 and not +8 like the guide says then?



I’ll post like random finds if I can


Not particularly Jin based, but there’s a bit in my vid here, he’s got heaps of places he can add more attacks in, but the damage scaling starts destroying the damage if you do anymore than this from my little bit of messing around.



The best Jin i’ve seen so far


Has… anyone thought to add some of the guide like videos for Jin? Like this one by Max?


I actually like Haneyama’s Jin more. Poongko’s seemed like he needed work. But yeah, I was going to put Maximilian’s video as a Character Overlook.

So I updated it with Maximilian’s video, Haneyama’s match, and Poongko’s match.


Haneyama’s Jin just made me pair him with Xiaoyu. Now I really have to crack down on some training today!


Yo, I’ve learned the majority of the cast in this game so far, but I can’t seem to figure how to play with Jin. Even after watching these videos it’s still a mystery, do you guys know o any videos that could offer some insight on how to use him?


Haneyama’s Jin is way better than Poongko’s.




heres my restand Jin/Kazuya setup for ex swaying willow after tag in



BottledChi, that’s really clever. I’m gonna steal that :smiley:

Casual set with a friend. Steinmania(Jin/Kazuya) vs R-God(Law/Rufus)


think itll make front page? thatd be awesome, been my dream to make frontpage TuT


It should thats a pretty sweet find. I posted it on twitter, no promise on front page though :slight_smile:


I love you with all my heart and soul


wow that’s a sick find dude. Tempted to drop Nina to put Kaz with Jin now.


After struggling with youtube’s uploader, I finally have this uploaded



Jin little tutorial. Part one is moves specials and frame data.

Part two is a little bit of combo’s. Enjoy