Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou - The Jin Kazama Video Thread



Floe had a 40+ win streak on the stream the other day, he is pretty deadly with JinxRufus




Haneyama’s jin/chun team



Me playing Jin online, excuse the dropped combos >.< second round beginning is good example of how Jin can be a great character if you make the right reads. Power stance so gdlk



Ewwwwww u use english voices for the mishimas -_-




Jin Combo vid I just finished, sorry if the movement is a little choppy, for somereason my hauppage orpinnacle is being a bitch >.< but if you actually watch you can easily see whats happening




First part of casuals at one of our fight nights. There were some games before this but this video is when I first got on (as Jin/Raven) There’s a lot more but apparently the guy recording it has no internet at home and uploads them at school or something lol.

There’s some things i’ve optimized since then, like my air to air counterhit followups, using the expowerstance combos and whatnot, but take what you will from it.


me against mah friends steve x jin.



Here’s a continuation of the last vid I did. There were a lot more sets but I guess he can upload only one video a week, lol.

Anyways, I’m hesitant to link this just cause it’s old and my game has VASTLY improved since then, and so has the competition, but take it for what it’s worth.


I played Julia/Jin at the last local tournament. Here’s the link to the losers finals and grand finals match:

Losers final starts at 18:30 and Grand Finals starts at 40:17




what was that when you were using the kazama style 5 hit combo in the corner… did you interrupt it with shun masatsu ?


I never use the full 5 hit combo. Are you talking about the overhead combo? After the overhead, I just do the jab, short, then cr. jab, shun masatsu


yea the overhead combo.


Another Tuesday, another tournament.

Start of the stream I play Camm/JIn vs a Dhalsim/Gief in casuals. Then I team with the Gief and finish the tournament in losers finals and grand finals (28:53)





All floe does with Jin is Jump HK… -___-

Although his execution is soooo sickk…


I don’t see the point in using any of Jin’s other jump ins unless you’re going for a throw setup off jump in light normals.



Lots of my Jin theory work in action. Enjoy



Pandora combo with my team and jin as starter here