Kyoujin and Co. are going to New York City

Hey SRK,

So this will be my first time in NYC, and I was wondering if you guys could recommend some good restaurants (read: hole in the walls, not pretensious bullshit), bars, clubs, (no dress code) or anything else of interest around the lower east side?

Alos, if there’s anything else worth seeing, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, SRK.

WoHop in Chinatown

John’s Pizzeria (midtown)


Any Viet place in Chinatown is good too.

Anywhere in the Village is good to eat. ANYWHERE

If you are near the JMZ there are some real divey bars I like in Bushwick. If that’s what you mean by hold-in-the wall kind of place. Grand and Metropolitan have some cool stuff too.

There’s two Wo Hop’s there, the legit one is the entrance going into the basement. Good traditional styled dishes.

If you’ve got money to blow I suggest Ippudo on 14th, godlike ramen.

Also if you’re around St. Marks you 1000% have to go to Pomme Frites. Fuck, it’s practically mandatory.