KYSG Elena madness

Right click save as and prepare to :wow: :confused: :wow:

Damn. That vid was too awesome. It certainly makes a case for using Spinning Beat. Her EX Mallet Smash fills up the stun guage nicely too.

How did she link 3 Scratch Wheels in a row?

Elena’s taunt boosts the amount of stun her next hit/combo inflicts, up to 4 taunts. In all of those Death Combos, she taunted all four times.

As for linking the Scratch Wheels, it was kara-cancelled from f+Forward. KYSG is well known for using programmable pads for more creative combos. Good luck doing a kara-Spinning Beat without one.

AWESOME cant wait till this finishes d/ling.

Good Sh!T :tup:

tight but too bad about the programmable pad. it’s cool but not practical obviously which sucks balls.

Thats one of the craziest videos Ive ever seen, and Ive seen most of the KYSG vids. I cant wait to see what they do with Urien:wow:

i can’t wait to see what they did to oro !

man this video was amazing
so crazy that it blew my head off!!!
cant wait to see there next one

I wanna see their first couple vids, Ive got the Chun, Gouki ,Alex and Elena ones. Im curious to see what they did with Ken.
edit:and Q and Twelve for that matter:lol:

But then you can see all the practical stuff in match vids and whatever. This is just showing off. Healing in a combo? WTF? :clap:

lol that was mad crazy
tooooo crazy
damn comps
if only u can really do taht
but you gotta get a real timing if those r5eally works

What happened to the 6 juggle limit? O_o

Damn… i’m gonna kill myself tryin to do those combos…

obviously most of the combos in the vid where not practical for match play but there are some interesting lessons to be learned from this vid

  1. The uses for a kara scratch my nuts wheel in juggles which can help get some much needed damage in EX spin sythe combos
  2. when Spining beat is used as an anti air you can connect another with some practice
  3. maximizing the amount of hits and juggle numbers you can get to finish of a dizzy launch
  4. i learned that you can link juggle after a connecting a rhino horn on a standing opp in the corner
  5. the crazy oro juggle with all the EX mallet mashes is not that farfetched considering how often oror players jump

also as far as the juggle limit, the rules changes when the opp is dizzy

Yeah, it’s different when they’re dizzy, but wtf, since when can you juggle THAT many times? :confused: