Kysg : vol.6 -elena

And so I’m the one you make fun of, not the guy who is saying someone won’t fall for repetitve overhead arcs? Hmmmm…

edit to stay on topic: KYSG programs pads to do some of this stuff right? Aka you wouldn’t see some of these combos in an arcade?

tight avatar. :tup:

dont even bother trying to do this stuff in training mode, most of the stuff has several parts requring perfect timing, making it impossible to do yourself. kysg uses a programmable stick.


You ruined my weekend plans.

I thought about that, but it didn’t make sense if I quoted him. Not to make fun of you or anything.

Or was I?

I thought that it was common knowledge that KYSG uses a programmable stick. >_>;

what’s so special about these programmable sticks??
what do they allow you to do exactly?

Machine like precision.

they allow you to program inputs down to the frame, making all the situations for the combo perfect.

Exaclty, anyone want examples? :^) also, anyone have his ken video?

That’s not what I meant-- I meant that these combos aren’t very likely in real play. Unless you’re an extremely good Elena player, these combos won’t happen. Sure, I know I these combos will probably connect if executed so perfectly, but rarely does execution go like that.

Finally !! Yaay !!! Osu !!!

oh fuck, LTJ BUKEM! uhh, I’ve yet to see the vid though.

Gaijin, get me on irc. I might have the track

Oh Fuck !!capoiera Madness , Is Sicker Than Christie And Eddie From Tekken !!!

It’s a combo video, not a match video

I don’t know anything about KYSG (other than he makes these combo videos)… but I just noticed that he puts “Copyright: 1999, 2004 Capcom Co. Ltd” at the end of his videos. Was there some collaboration work done with Capcom to make these videos or something?

Yeah, capcom made the game, he made the combos.

not QUITE what i meant… but i take that as a no.

Does anyone have the elena or gouki vids? if so could you hit me up on aim or something and hook it up?

I have this one Ken and Akuma. Other than that i dont think i have anymore but i dont know how to send them to others really.