L.A. Noire


LA Noire dropped today. Search didnt yield any results on a thread. Why wasnt anybody hype for this?

I picked it up earlier today and played through for a couple of hours. What youre doing is pretty different from other rockstar games but the same Rockstar control scheme engine (along with all the typical problems) is there.

The main feature is the Facial animations which I must say are insanely good. Aside from the faces the game looks like a touched up GTA4.

The cases have been kinda interesting so far and im really liking the dramatic aspect and questioning suspects. The music, acting, and setting is pitch perfect even though the graphics themselves leave a bit to be desired.

one gripe is that I dont like being penalized for damage to the vehicle because the driving mechanics dont make it easy to not damage at all. Although, you can have your partner do the driving by holding down triangle longer.

What do you guys think?

Cop’d Dat LA Noire/ my description: Red Dead Redemption (setting, unfamiliar culture), meets Heavy Rain (plot, game style), with a dash of Silent Hill (puzzles, useless “items”) and then polish it off with Dragon’s Lair, GTA and the show “Lie to Me” elements. The tech used for the face animations a la Avatar is extremely accurate. A possible GOTY.

since of direction during chases on foot can be tricky especially “ladders”.
woah, cars in the 40’s had power steering? yea, a bit sensitive.
when you mess up, you mess up.
city/property damage is kinda stupid. ($4000+ on the first try)
just like a old movie, Black guy is dead at the start of the game that’s not really a spoiler
where the hell is the phone?

Graphics are S tier even for a game from Rockstar
hidden cars are worth looking for
fighting is classic for the 40’s setting, grappler is broken
the more you search, the better your progress (for clues)
clues arent always obvious but when they are, they’re still not that obvious
when you fucked up (interrogation) just “quit” and start over
if you found a lot of clues or you 100% at interigation, leaving the scene of the crime causes an auto save.
yea, you might want to find a phone, brother.
When lady characters are hot, they are hot!

Cakewalk. But it’s fun. I like to do a street crime enroute to my next location then have my partner auto drive after the completion of the street crime. Wish there was more shooting involved but it’s fun overall. Phoenix Wright for the major console.

edit: I’m halfway through I think, rank 11 case #8, rarely used intuition. I wish there was multiplayer of some sort. I might join that rockstar club or whatever if it offers harder cases or more content to the game. Rockstar, good job with another well made game.

Just got it!

looks interesting. Going to have to get it.

YouTube - L.A. Noire: “The Technology Behind Performance”

I’d get the game just for the technology alone…it’s really like a damn movie.

Gona back the hell off this in case they pulled a Mafia 2: short-ass game, tons of stuff that COULD have been in released as dlc. That is just not the way to go with sandbox games.

Undead Nightmare is one of the best DLC’s I’ve played this gen by far. Rockstar doesn’t disappoint really.

Did last gen even have DLC?


No but you know what I mean.

That’s true, but they did us dirty with mafia 2. MEGA-short game…and dlc out the ass. I hope that doesn’t become a trend: 5 hours of gameplay without dlc, and like 5-8 dlc chapters.

Gonna pick this up. For those complaining that it’s easy, are y’all turning off the hint system?

the graphics are s tier?! the previews make it look like the game was made 2 system generations back.

The graphics are fuckin’ amazing in this game. Stop watching standard definition videos of a high definition game. And no, watching commercials on your high definition tv dont count. Im sure those are in SD as well.

I think this game is great though Ive only played for about 2 hours.

I got a Insignia w/ Sony HDMI assist and yes the graphics are really nice.

Vids can’t really “capture” the true quality that you have to see for yourself. Just trust me on this one.

Also, the setting is in the 40’s, of course it looks 2 generations back, lol, but I knew what you meant.

Lastly, I heard 360’s version comes with 3 discs while PS3 comes with a disc and 2 vouchers (I have it on PS3 so).

What’s the photo film for?

There’s a shit-ton of side missions via cop car. even if the game is “short” the side missions really make up for it especially if you want more fighting and less solving actual cases which, IMO, get harder and harder as the game goes along.

Like I said before, when you mess up, you messed up. I really can’t see where this game is “easy” unless you’re full of it. Catching people lying and even more, telling the truth can be very tricky. Even the shit that comes off as the truth can still be a lie especially the further you get into the game.

Interrogating two people at once is a pain too.

lol I think this is the first game where you really cant play if youre stoned. I fucked up a case royally last night after getting baked. You need to pay attention and remember shit which doesnt really gel with smoking weed. just FYI for the people who like to get high and game.

The controls are kind of ass I run into walls and corners alot


It definitley looks alot better when you play it yourself than it does on TV ads or gameplay videos. But its still obv the same gfx engine they used for GTA4 and RDR.

Wait, what? I borrowed this from a friend and gave it back after playing through what I thought was the whole game (minus dlc). I don’t think even he knows about the cop car thing. So what do you do, just hop into a police car and, what, respond to directions on the radio?

  • uh, yea.*

those weren’t meant to be background noises.

points @ press X to take call in the upper left screen it gives a 2nd yellow marker w/o loosing your main marker.

You beat the game already? I’m only at the “Angel and Antonia” part.

you must’ve didn’t care if you got all or even 50% of the answers right, did you?

If so, then you never even properly played the game, and not knowing about the side missions make that even more obvious.

Come on. It’s a Rockstar game.

You finished it already? lol. It may seem easy for me because I do something similar in real life but a couple missions past half way through and it’s getting tough. They intentionally try to throw you off because facial recognition/body language is now a little off and they throw out random clues out there. I’m saving my intuition for clue finding. I like the side missions where I can shoot muthafuckas.

How’s the interrogation compare to something like Phoenix Wright? I love the Ace Attorney games and the short clip I saw of this makes the game look somewhat similar.