L.A. Rush: Casuals in Highland Park

Hey. I’m a nobody and no good at fighting games and an 09’er. But I wanna get better and play with people. There’s this cool place in Highland Park called Gamer Doc. They have some crazy setups with a bunch of flatscreen TVs and tons of PS3s and 360s (about 16 setups total).

I’ve been talking to the owner about setting up some street fighter casuals (or Blazblue if there’s enough support) and maybe some local tournies in the near future. The franchise is putting together a national Smash Bros. tourney so they’re definitely capable of getting some good shit done. But first we have to gauge interest and make sure it’s something people want to come out for in LA. So we’re gonna do a meetup this Saturday July 25th from 5pm to closing (10 or so?).

It’ll be $5 to play. Not cheap I know, but if we get enough people to come down maybe he’ll throw in a discount. Who’s down?


5917 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles CA 90042

Bring your own controllers! And gamesaves if you wanna use console chars.


Count me in, I’m in the area and would wanna help you put together some nice tournaments and what not so that we can build a scene in the area.

Awesome, Sal. That’s what I’m lookin’ for, people who wanna build a scene down here. Swing by on Sat for sure.

I’ll be there for sure and I’ll try and bring a few ppl with me

I will be in Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party, but am definitely interested in anything like this in the future!

This saturday? I’m down to go.

Nice, thanks for the replies guys. IF anyone else is interested, let me know. The space is really cool and there’s a big patio area in the back for BBQ’s and beers and shit, perfect for a local tourney.


I have one question, though… is it a hassle to get a parking spot?

Nah, highland park is pretty decent for parking. Lots of residential parking in the area. Also, After 6pm street parking is free in some places (people always forget this in LA). I’ll check it out again this week though and have more details for parking.

Sounds good man, I would be down to go play anytime.

I might be able to make it too. I use 360 fightpad though, hopefully that’s fine.

I might bring a couple heads. I suck at fighting games too :frowning:

yeah dingaling is right there are plenty of residential areas to park and after 6 it is free and the area where we are going has plenty of places to park in residential neighborhoods so parking will be good.

As long as you’re using a USB controller, no problem. We’re going to have USB extenders from the consoles to the counter tops so you can just plug things straight in and out.

Plan to bring your own controller or someone you can borrow from!

btw are we playing on ps3 or 360?

Dingling, you are awesome for setting this up, if you ever need any help organizing in the future, hit me up. LA definitely needs this. I’ll try to let the few fighting game friends I have know about this.

So bummed I can’t make it this weekend!

Whatever we want. The place has a ton of both consoles setup. I was thinking 2 360 setups and 1 PS3 but it all depends on what the demand is. I guess we’ll figure it out when everyone is there.

I have both systems, it doesn’t really matter to me.


Damn. I’d join you guys this weekend but I’m going to Comic-Con. If another one of these happens, let me know! I’m definitely down for some games.

Speak of the devil - my fightpad just broke down tonight, so it looks like I’ll just have to scrub it out with the TE stick.

I suck badly with the stick. :rofl: