L.Dot Friday Ranking Battles -=- CVS2 Season

Police is comin for ya! Post ppl.

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London vs Toronto 5 on 5??? ha hah a, can i be in charge of the Toronto team?


sweet, C-royd is captain. he did the best at evo in cvss2

haha k :encore:

Yay fridays. Let me know if you want me to bring the Xdude for random games, I guess. I can also provide ps2 for when 3s time comes. Oh, and remind me to copy cvs2. :crybaby:

K np.

I’m confused. Is this a London thing and then whoever ranks the top five in London plays Toronto? Does London even have five players? What you should do is have London vs West GTASF to save yourself a long trip because you won’t even get passed Sauga/Brampton, nevermind going to ORBIT to deal with TOSF and Team STC.

No disrespect, but i’m pretty sure we could get past Sauga/Brampton in CVS2/3S on real controls. And this is a London event, played at Webstation. Anywho, it’s not planned out or anything, it’s in the works.

london sounds pretty confident about this 5v5
good shiet good shiet.

any money matches?

of course dude…on controls i can use, i will money match anyone…any game i play…

no disrespect, but i doubt any of you london scrubs can get past me in cvs2. dont think so? money match me then. no less than $10 per match tho. dont waste my time.

remember, like wut geese say, no disrespect.


Are you out of your mind? Here; I’ll give you guys odds. I’ll put me and Noodleman against five London players. We need 13 wins, you need 5. Basically each member of your team needs to hold it down in one match. I’ll put up $100 of my own money just to make it interesting for you guys.

You’re kidding right? Lol…yeah go ahead we’re down for that. Haha, damn. That’s an uphill battle though don’t you think? Oh well, if you think you guys are that good, go ahead, we like a challenge. But yeah, no more drama…we’re up for any challenge, and that’s all we care about.

I edited my first challenge post. 25 wins makes no sense because 13 is the clinch in a 5 on 5. So it was changed to something more appropriate. My money is still on the line though, I have no worries.

So how much you wanna put on the table? Just your 100? Or what? I didn’t quite get that part…

nice… can i join noodleman and justin’s team
i’ll personally put in another $100 to make it better.

omg, every round london takes off me, its 5. every round i take its a dollar


why did u get out the london vs toronto 5v5 thing?

is this just another "geese coming to t.o for sure this time"
but puzzying out the last minute?

i’ll just go with wut jay said. but instead of $1/$5
i’ll make it $5/$25