L.L. Cool J is hard as hell


He’ll battle anybody don’t care who you tell.

What saddens me, but isn’t shocking in the least. Are the amount of people commenting there and in other places calling LL a “thug.” When in fact he never has been, and only ever barely portrayed that type of image. Let somebody break in on Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, or Marilyn Manson, and no one will call them a thug. Just applaud them for taking out an intruder.

All of that said The Burglar was at a disadvantage. He clearly eats Oreos. Mr. Todd Smith on the other hand has a healthy diet of Cool J cookies… He’s bad.


His mama said knock him out.

EDIT: Boo, CNN beat me to it.


LOL I heard about this on the radio. It doesn’t hold a candle to the dudes who hightailed it out of Dolph Lundgren’s home after they saw him in family pics. Guess they didn’t want to be broken. :tup:


He wants to stay in shape he said: “So I can dunk on my kids when I’m 50”


I’m not hovering around SRK waiting to post the news story of the day.

THAT SHIT was crazy.

Burglar breaks into house


Does he NOT have an alarm system or some form of security??


White guy breaks into a black man’s home who not only takes care of the robber, but does it without putting a bullet in him and some how the black guy is at fault. Amerikkka in nutshell folks.


yeah saw this on fb a few days ago but was too drunk to make a thread on srk

yeah the alarm went off, that’s how he knew he was being robbed. then he went off and pwned the nubs


Meanwhile if it was a country singer who shot the guy, he’d be praised for bravely defending his constitutional rights to bear arms


shrug what can I say? I can live without a radio.


Yep, LL is Cool until you break into his house. Then he gotta get all deep blue sea on ya ass…yeah, that’s all i got…don’t really have anything violent to reference to him, he’s just so chill…


Hmmm Brandon Lee had the exact same story

Fast forward to 3:30


Castle doctrine, bitches. Don’t break in if you don’t want to deal with the possibility of arousing the ire of one of the most beloved music artists of the 1990s.

Lee-related things keep the awesome level of this forum consistently high. Otherwise, it’s all My Little Pony and news stories about babies getting their balls eaten by a bear.


Give him an incentive at least to not talk about Bruce & Family.

Or an ultimatum…!


Did his hat turn into a shark’s fin?


We all know you know everything about everything.

It’s far more interesting talking about the man behind the movies


Home security alarm went off and he went downstairs and dude was still in the house.


Entering a rapper’s home and leaving with several broken bones instead of bullet holes is something like a phenomenon.


Ugh, these puns, ya’ll niggas need love, smh.


How many licks does it take for LL Cool J to beat up a robber?