L Rekkukyaku - Trial 10


I’m far away being a pro in SF4 and SSF4 and really just started enjoying it since i got a Arcade Stick a few days before and managed it to win against some people :slight_smile:

Never thought such a Aracde Stick would make such a difference to me. So i’m trying since days to finish this trial No.10 with Fei Long. I just don’t get it!!! I watched the videos, read the forums, tried everything - but no success.

I should do:

Jump HK
Stand HP (fine, but then):
L Rekkukyaku

I can make a Rakkukyaku no problem, but it doesn’t count as success in the combo. So what is my problem??? I think it is something about the letter "L"
The descriptions says:

L 765432 K

What does “L” mean? Does it mean

765432 LK???

I tried, no success.

What is my problem, what means “L” … could anybody help me out? Don’t tell me it means “Link” or something :wink:

Thank you very much


Light rekka.

What is “L 765432 K” supposed to mean? It should be 12369 LK if you’re trying to do that digit notation stuff. You have to do the Light Rekkukyaku (light chicken wing) really fast after the hard punch.


Sorry for the wrong notation … i made a mistake and remembered a clock instead of a number keyboard. I just tried to use your notation and failed. Also, i already have seen the youtube videos. This i exactly looking to what i do - just that the Rekkuyaku is not in the combo (to late ?).

L Rekkuyaku means Light Rekkuyaku, ok? So this is what i just don’t get! What is the difference between the Rekkuyaku and the Light Rekkuyaku??? Please, just easy and simple!!

L rekkuyaku means light kick rekkuyaku so use the light kick instead of heavy kick etc

i dont understand why ppl use this keyboard notation. its fine in tekken but its alot easier justto learn the SF lingo ya know?

This is another question that should have been asked in the “simple questions” thread. But the question that your asking is what is the difference between a light, medium, heavy chicken wing. There are some very sizable differences, but the main differences are the distance traveled, and the frame data on start-up, hit stun, block stun, and recovery. All of this data can be looked up on the SRK wiki.

Fei Long (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

What? Tekken uses letters for directions not numbers, the numbers are for the different buttons.

Yeah, you are propably doing it to late. st.hp into lk.cw is a cancel (Read this guide: http://shoryuken.com/f322/srk-newbie-saikyo-dojo-execution-guide-read-me-234169/).
Also do st.hp as you hit the ground, and don’t spam (should help with the timing).

Thank you. I got it!