l.Srk->FADC->Metsu... How?

i’m sure this has all ready been posted, but i couldn’t find it.

I’ve pulled this off a couple times in training, but i’ve been wondering. What’s the best way to go about getting this down pat?

Anyone got any suggestions? and is my technique legit? http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2009/jul/08/tips-switching-pad-joystick/

I use style #2.

Thank you for your replies, and inputs.

Check out the stickied guide. There is general execution advice as well as some specific advice on how to fadc > ultra.


Wow, Thanks. It feels like everything you mention there fits my situation exactly. Even down to the part of the DP>FADC>Metsu, It’s the dash i have the most problems with.

I find i can pull off the DP Cancel without much problem, but breaking out of the FA seems to take more time (if i break it) and by the time i do, it’s too late. Most of the time, if i can break it, i can pull off the combo. But yea, great guide, thanks man.

Personally the way I do it is to SRK, then FADC and forward at the same time ,then another forward.

Do the DP, and hold the stick in the dash direction. Hit FA, throw the stick back to neutral, dash again, Ultra. There was another thread maybe last week about FADC Ultra problems. Look it up.

Found it, and thanks guys.