LA area - Store to buy soldering iron and other related tools?

I’m just wondering if there’s any electronics stores in the LA/Pasadena area I can buy a decent soldering iron, desoldering braid, solder, soldering iron stand, etc. I’m trying to avoid Radioshack and Sears. I’ve been hearing that they overcharge their stuff and they’re not really that great either. If not, any good sites?

Try Fry’s. Closest one to your city is probably City of Industry. Who told you that Radioshack and Sears overcharge? Meh, if it’s electronics equipment, you don’t want to skimp out.

Ace Hardware?

seriously radioshack or frys

ebay for better prices. Soldering irons never go onsale.

Haven’t been to Fry’s in awhile. I forgot about that place =P
As for the overcharging thing, a couple of the sites I’ve visited and a friend of mine.

Totally didn’t think about this -_-; Thanks.

Yea. Ebay was my last resort. I like to see what I’m buying in person.

either radioshack or fry’s… what do you mean overcharged its good price…

I got this at Radioshack months ago…

I’ve soldered like 5 pcbs and still have some left that came with it. You can’t tell me that is really overpriced right there.

just so y’all know, there is a huge difference between the cheap irons and the expensive irons but for hacking PCBs, you can get away with a cheap one.

You guys should all see the piece of shit I’m using hehe.

i bought my gear at radioshack and it wasnt that expensive. maybe 20-30 bucks for everything like an iron, solder sucker, clips and a fat spool of solder.

wow, didn’t see that one at radioshack. Gonna have to check again. Thanks =)