La Bella's GameCenter * Chula Vista (San Diego) Ca 91910

In downtown chula vista on 3rd st on the corner between la bellas and that small shopping center. just google it.

Well the place got their sticks fixed so… post up.

Go down and check it out


There is only mvc2 but the management is real cool and they have a suggestion box for the players to tell them what they want in the arcade.We told them to fix mvc2 since it was broken when it first arrived and the sticks and buttons work fine now since we just came back form there. If people go and tell the management to get games like Tekken 5 DR and CvS2, and Third Strike they will listen but you gotta show up. Even if they dont have those games yet they have a working marvel machine for 50 cents , REALLY good pizza, beer , and several pool tables. defenitely check it out. Its behind La Bella’s Pizza.

where is this place?

im guessing behind la bellas pizza.

373 3rd Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 426-8820

there you go

Yea issac put san diego in the topic so people know what area of cali.

Also, if people wont pay 50 cents to go to mudd club, then i dunno what to say about this place haha

i fixed the title so people can know where its at.

well you have to pay entry fee for mudd club and this place is free. so yay.
also you can play marvel on quarters or smartcard, your choice. you can put cash into the machine close to the entrance to refill your card, or even use your credit card :stuck_out_tongue:

Did i mention the pizza is really yummy? :slight_smile: Soda’s , beer, pool tables, cable tv and fighting games :^) too good.
they are open until 12:30 am on weekdays and 1:30 am on weekends.

BTW. anyone who is under 18 can only stay at la bella’s gamecenter until 10pm then you need to have a parent or guardian with you or else you might get booted out. :frowning:

Im down to meet up for food and games, just post a specific time.

friday, around 2 tony ernesto and myself are gonna go.

id be down to try and support it and see what happens. my first suggestion in the box is going to be 25 cents yay! even though i dont care much if its 50 cents, 25 is still better and wouldnt hurt to suggest it =P

This place reminds me alot of California game center. As long as they keep their games in good working order and they listen to the suggestions that people give them, then this place should turn into the premier arcade in sd

shit id really go any weekeday but i suck at marvel. haha im down for beer and pizza.

I dont get off work till 3pm id say lets meet up at 4pm tomorrow, im down for some lunch and marvel, i think i might wanna learn 3s as well, who wants to show me?

they dont got third strike yet but we’ll wait for you mo.

Just so you guys know, there is no alcohol yet at la bella’s, but they are working on their liquor license so I would think it would be soon.

Yeah. i think next week they will start selling beer.
Just remember, ask the owner for 3rd strike, cvs2 and tekken 5 DR, and they have a suggestion box at the arcade counter, write in there at let us be heard, im sure he will get it if people are supportive and will give him business. Friday around 4 sounds good. whatever is good for everyone else. i might go today again to ensure the sticks are working for friday. ill let you know.

Well Ernesto just called me and said that marvel is out of commission for about a week. So I guess no go for today but Tony and I are still gonna go and eat over there and maybe play some pool

I was at la bellas yesterday and the pizza(extra cheese and sauce) was DANK and i heard that they are going to serve BEER inside the game room in the coming weeks. Now all they need is some 3s with some H2H cabs just like the old game center. Nice!:clap::encore:

Just got back from la bellas and the pizza was good. They got some nice pool tables too.

Don’t ask for DR. We won’t play there.