so, I wasnt sure if I should ask or not but what are the differences between the 3 landmasters? all I know for sure is that wolfs landmaster doesnt last as long as fox and falco.


Fox: Nothing
Falco: Can hover higher and faster
Wolf: Strongest but has VERY short time spent in the actual FS

Really Wolf’s FS is shorter than Fox and Falco…hmmm also Ive heard that Falco’s FS is weaker than fox and wolf but it is indeed fast and can fly higher

Falco’s seems the slowest on the ground, including turning.

I haven’t been in the Landmaster that many times, but what exactly are the moves it can do? Fly, shoot a beam, and isn’t there a way to do a barrel roll in there somewhere? Anything else?

double down to barrel roll, a to fire, up to fly… it can crush you I guess. I think tap either direction to turn