LAAATE NIGHT onine matches - NYC Area

Hey gang,

Just a quick request for some online XBox play that could easily unroll into some real world play.

I’m a bartender in NYC on Mon and Tue nights (UWS, near 84th and Amsterdam, for those interested) and I’m looking for people that might be “weird” like me and looking for fights around 4AM Eastern Time when I get home from work, and might be a little more than buzzed. I’m not that great, but I’m certainly not a scrub (I’m 27 and have been playing since StreetFighter/FightingStreet), I assure you that I love losing a good fight infinitely more than I am into beating more of these shoto scrubs. I’m stuck with the XBox pad after years on Dreamcast joysticks, so my game is definitely suffering, but I still love playing this ish. I’m really into Sak, Rose, Chun, Honda, and anyone else that isn’t your typical DP/FB related character (I main’d with FB/DP characters for years, I’m old and thoroughly tired of shotos and their variants now)

Hopefully, after March Madness is over, the other bartender and I are planning to lug our XBox to work and play pickup SFIV with anyone who wants to come to our bar. But, of course we’d like to find like-minded individuals who enjoy a night of drinking and friendly, but still intense, competition. We have mad cheap drinks–$2(!) in NYC for a Miller High Life in a bottle; and that’s just the beginning!

Either way, it’s 3:30 AM East right now, I’ll be home tonight in about an hour or so, but I’m not sure how many NYers are sweating SRK right now. I work the same shift tomorrow, so you can catch me Late late late Tuesdays as well. “Crescent Run” is the XBox tag.

Hope to have some good battles with you cats!

actually interested in going to a bar to play sf4. i can see it leading to actual fights due to the alcohol.

Well, that might be a little too old school for everyone involved (I had to be personally escorted out of a mall arcade or two as a 13 year old mall rat due to violent personal threats related to SFII “cheapness”), but I hope a little fun can be had outside of the mad CTF scene in NYC (which is awesome but a little overwhelming for most new players, including myself). I welcome those awesome players as well, but I’d like to see how they fare after they get a forced an Irish Car Bomb or two… which should somehow play into the rules for the night…

It’s all about some fun, right?

just to let you know i added you on xbl. i was meaning to play last night but i fell asleep.

Let’s do this son. Boot man in the place to be!

Let’s do this son. Boot man in the place to be!

do alot of chicks go to ur bar?
imma be in town this wens til next wens
im up for offline casuals anytime,
no work no bedtime

Thanks for the response guys. I look forward to some games. I’m working right now (12AM), and it looks like it might be an early night, so I could be home sooner than usual. If any of you were the guy I played last night who liked Blanka and Fei Long: Good games! Quite a blast even if I was a little too buzzed to whip out ultras as quickly as I wanted.

JaHa: I only work Mon and Tue, and no, there are not a lot of girls at our bar. I have female friends that come by, and they bring friends, and once you’ve got a few girls… you know how it can get. But, generally it’s a pretty sporty place; lots of pool and fooseball playing, etc. But, there are a ton of bars within 3 blocks, and they very often have a lot of girls around. What kind of place are you looking for?

im asian but im down for whatever
ill try to make it down

i see ur OG also (join date 2001) suprised i dont know ya

Sorry for the late response, Jaha. If you’re looking for a more Asian clientele, then you probably want to swing down to the East Village or the Lower East Side (I actually live there, although I work Uptown), where there are a lot of Asian bars. (Chinatown, obviously) Unfortunately, not a lot of Asian girls hang at the places I frequent (sadly…), but then I’m a skinny white musician type… so what do you expect? The only Asian girls I see are Columbia or NYU undergrads out to “slum” it for a night in a Village dive bar.

If it’s not too late and you want some more info, hit me up on PM. I’ll see if I can help you out.

Otherwise, to you or anyone else, I’m still around for really late night fights. I feel a nice battle session coming on this night/morning. I’m nice and “ready” (read: loaded) for it! Fight!

hey Patrik.

I live in Philly and I’m in the same exact boat. I’m a bartender/DJ and have crazy weird hours.

once i hook up my xbox to live i have a feeling we are going to play each other a lot late night haha.

I’m down for the bar matches. Don’t have an xbox or I would like to play you late nights.

If you plan to do this coming Mon or Tue let me know. I’m willing to come out to drink and play. :wasted: :karate:

I’m 18… :frowning: