Lab/Training Partner



Hey guys .I’m mainly a competitive shooter person with hundreds of hrs into the bf and CoD games looking to get into fighters.I have been watching tons of streams & you tube vids in the hopes of quickly picking up the terms and nuances of MvC3. I’m online generally 8-10hrs a day & stay in Atlanta,GA area if any1 knows of any local tournies.Feel free to FR me as serious about getting better,Xbox Live GT:xF KaRmA.Thanks! MarlinPieFTW!


I’m up for some training sessions online tho I live in Iowa so I don’t know how well the connection is going to be:(


i play with ppl from all over. dont worry about it.feel free to FR me if u want :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta warn ya I still suck with my team :stuck_out_tongue: Sent ya a request


I’m from Atlanta, GA. Although, I don’t do UMvC3… But, games like MvC2, 3rd Strike, Turbo, etc


dude you gotta play UMarvel!


I don’t like the game because it’s silly with an x-factor. Yea, both players have it. But, it’s lame and dumb.


mehh…i guess. i like it for that “explosive” factor. i played mvc2 b4 and I own it, but its always been very loosely.probably less than 15-20 times during my entire life span lolz