LAbor Day Street Fighter 4 Tournament -Orlando, Florida- 9/7/2009 RESULTS


37 Entrants

  1. Peter/Flash (Viper)
  2. Trent (Gief, Blanka)
  3. Joe G. (Box)
  4. Torrin (Sagat)
  5. Junior (Gief)
  6. Alex J. (Box)
  7. Leland (Gief)
  8. Nestor (Dic)


8 Entrants

  1. Hotniks (V-13)
  2. Jordan (Jin)
  3. Clyde (V-13)

Thank you to everyone for coming out.

I guess the tournament went smoothly? IDK. I had about 4 people come up to me to sign up after I had the brackets done.

There really is no excuse for that kind of thing, I gave everyone an email address to pre-register with. Next time I wont accepted late registrations.

A handful of people from out of town complained about on of the TV’s having lag. IDK, I have never noticed a difference and no one has complained before. This was the 4th tourney that has used those TVs and they have also been used at alot of RanBasts with out anyone saying anything.

I did notice that a few people didn’t seem to notice said lag until someone else said something to them or they overheard something.

Listen, tournaments make people nervous and that effects their game, anyone who says anything different is either lying or is the coolest person on earth. Your gonna fuck up, your gonna miss your combos and your going to lose to people that you should be able to beat and vice versa. That is just the nature of a tournament.

I honestly believe that none of the stations there were so bad as that the average person could notice. I could be wrong and I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular but nonetheless I was a little disappointed that some people felt that way.

Oh well, sa la vie.

That seemed like alot of bitching but despite all that I thought the tournament was alot of fun aside from a few hiccups.

One of the copies of SF4 stopped working so we had to shut down one station. Once we hooked up another XBOX it was realized that the there was not another copy of SF4 for 360 so we had to use a Ps3 set up, which was near impossible to get people to use because everybody wanted to use their own stick, most of which were XBOX sticks.

This caused the final 10 or so sets to be played on ONE set up and this took FOREVER!

I am real sorry about that guys, I was really excited for the teams tournament that never happened. Live and learn.

Thanks to everyone from south florida and tampa for making the drive. I already have solutions for the next tourney so that the tv’s will be a non-issue.

Congratulations to Flash for the victory, I believe he walked away with just over $250

Congrats to Hotniks also.

Again thanks to everyone for coming out and I hope to see more of you in the future.

I seriously wanted to make it to this…I will def be at the next one so pre reg me up

TBH, i don’t think you need to explain yourself/the event to anyone. let someone else try and run a tournament and then see how ‘easy’ it is to make EVERYONE happy. It wasnt perfect but who cares, isnt the whole point to meet your friends and have fun anyways… Oh well.

keep up the good work face.

Again, I’m very disappointed in Tampa. You guys are dead to me, Over. Miami has consistently gone out of there way to drive nearly 4 hours to our events which is really awesome of them and now it’s pretty much Orlando and Miami that holds together the entire Florida Scene.

Shame too Tampa, I’m sure I can rent you guys a shuttle for just a measly one hour ride to Orlando tournaments ;). If Miami can drive up here every single time and drive back in the same night, Then you guys should have no excuse. So no We will not Pre Reg you for the next event cause you’re not gonna come.

Unfortunately there were delays throughout the night and mishaps, but Face again did an awesome job keeping everything in line throughout the night and adding people at the last second which is tough when manually randomizing and creating brackets by hand.

Orlando will make sure our next event will be perfect since Will’s Pub is becoming a damn good time for everyone.

Good stuff, Face. Best part of the night was Jebailey walking out the pub in tears with his TV in his arms. /hate hate hate

If you say so but we’re not gonna miss one of the biggest party weekend of the year to come to a tourney thats just not Tampas’ style. We’ve allready made plans to be at the Miami tourney in Oct but if you think we are going to drive to every single tourney at some random back alley pub sorry buddy it’s just not gonna happen. It sounds like you guys had a great time focus on that instead.

wow if i knew miami was gonna be there too i woulda canceled plans

too late now

also i think some people from tampa did go =p, in ur face

Liar you would have still been at TL plaing XvSF

… if you think labor day weekend is biggest party weekend of the year that in itself says a lot imo. lol

I said one of, and yes in Tampa/clearwater/channelside/HP it’s a huge party all weekend.

i was on a boat and jet ski all day…

w/e excuses are dime a dozen and there are a lot of them used down here from what i can tell so far lol

No excuse on why I didnt make it. was tired and didnt feel like driving (and from the looks of things I would’ve been the only person driving, not to mention I think I’m the only one in Tampa that EVEN has a 360 stick)

in any event good shit to the placers.

Come on Issac you know thats not true lol.

Im not making any excuses I didnt plan on going from the start but for someone in essence to call Tampa the black plague of the Fl scene is a little out there but meh it’s whatever.

I didnt realize monday night labor day weekend was that important…

but yea good shit to everyone except shusty because he cant see me

I call shenanigans on that one. I lived in Tampa for 12 years and I don’t ever recall Labor Day weekend being a huge event. Gasparilla on the other hand…

In any case me and my buddies had loads of fun, got to talk to some awesome people, and get fucked up in the process. I’d say it was a good night. Sucks we had to leave early as I really wanted to check out semis and finals, but there’s always next time. Props to face for organizing and running an excellent tourney.

Also, damn you guys and your Giefs, Boxers, and Sagats! My poor Abel never stood a chance :frowning: Guess those first tournament jitters got the best of me lol. And Flash, Trent, Jebailey, Torrin…you guys are siiiiick to watch in person. I def learned a lot. See you all at the next one!

This tourney was a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

Kovax: That Abel vs Rufus match was a lot of fun. Good shit, man!

nah I feel you man shit happens. Yo i didnt have a 360 stick i just showed up and people were nice enough to let my drunk ass use theirs even though everyone usin square gates :frowning:

good shit to everyone, im just salty i didn’t get to play you sakura vs viper peter! south florida challenge I wanna do that shit bad man and I PROMISE I won’t be drinking (as heavily). lol

Hell yeah Gouki! That match was a classic. I wish I coulda stayed after and maybe done some casuals cuz that Rufus was damn good. I’ll be ready for that rematch next time I come up though. Kinda sad I didn’t get to play Trent, Leland, Alex or Peter though. I really wanted to see how I woulda fared against em. Maybe SF Challenge…