Labrys Unblockable


I just played against a labrys and she used her awakened unblockable super on me and I had a brain fart and did a move that would not let me recover in time to jump away so I decided to just block for the hell of it. To my surprise it actually blocked and I got a punish. After the match I went into training and did both versions of the super and I could block both. I thought they were unblockable? It sure states it in the move description. Is there something I’m not taking into account?


Are you sure you weren’t fighting Shadow Labrys. Hers are blockable.


Labrys’ Brutal Impact is only unblockable if it’s charged enough. You’ll know because you’ll see a yellow bubble with two exclamation points appear above Labrys. This is the universal marker for when an attack is unblockable.


It’s always unblockable, don’t have to charge it.


If you have something invincible it whiffs, other than that you gotta dodge it, it’s unblockable. I hate to sound like a jerk, but vids or it didn’t happen (not calling you a liar, just maybe mistaken).