LACC's Family Arcade: I played a homeless dude who mained Sagat

Yep, anyone who’s ever been here wouldn’t be surprised.

The positives: Family Arcade has a great setup (Korean cabs, the same as Video 94 I think), the joysticks and buttons are in good condition, and best of all, it’s near the Hollywood/Downtown area.

Family Arcade
876 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90189

The negatives: Local competition, at least the times I’ve been there, is pretty lackluster. Also, at 75 cents a game, it’s way expensive. And last but not least, sometimes there is this homeless dude who plays Sagat who smells quite a lot and makes me want to find a way to boil the joystick and buttons after he plays.

So, me and one other SRK user will be there tomorrow, Wed, from 5-7. Maybe we can get some semi-regular meet-ups until a console-centric RTSD type thing can be set-up. Anyone who wants to come is welcome!

For some of us, the gas money spent getting to AI or Denjin especially probably balances out the $.75 sf4 play. Competition will be lackluster sure but hey, chances are you aren’t as good as you think you are:yawn: God knows I’m not.

that homeless guy spends all the money that people give him and spend it on sf4. he says that its better than being drunk and loaded…

He’s got his priorities straight. And hey, if a homeless guy can afford to play here, then why not anyone else, right?

What are their hours of business?

I think they’re open til very late at night, maybe 24hrs?

monday thru sunday 9am till 2am

i still wont go here. no challenge there

You suck though…

yes i do…:lovin:

So I’ll be there tomorrow 5ish. Look for a skinny Asian guy with a big head playing Dhalsim!

75 cents a game is :lame: i went there once and couldnt believe it.

was the mvc2 damage ratios ever fixed?

CRAP. I won’t be able to make it tonight. DAMN FAMILY EMERGENCY (no pun intended). I guess maybe we’ll try another time…Sorry.

I can still go but only if someone else plans on going. If no responses then ill pass. Post and let me know.

:rofl: Remember that one crazy nerd that shouted out all the Super names?

ARTIC ATTACK, stirke a pose.

killing an akuma player with one doom launch into photon array combo is top tier :wasted:

They need a new Tekken in here or something.

At least the arcade on 7th & Broadway has TTT AND comp for it. And DR.

I suck at Capcom and pinballs (the latter not always the case damn I’m rusty).

lols yea that dude

i think he’s the same guy yelling on the cvs2 machine when i was there.

All you need are some disinfectant wipes!

That’s like a haven for KOF players too.

Heh remember the old thread we made?

It’s dead!!!