Lack of custom stick players @ Evo?


I watched a ton of Evo today and I don’t think I saw a single player using a custom stick. I couldn’t tell a some of the time, but nothing stuck out as ‘That’s a custom!’. Anything that was ‘ambiguous’ had the cord attached, which to me says its not a custom.

Any idea what that’s about? Do you think that people saw that lag thread before evo and went back to their older sticks?

EDIT: I just have to imagine that more people would sport custom sticks. These people dedicate an enormous amount of time to these games and you would think that they would want something more personalized. At least that’s how I am…


I didn’t even really notice anyone with different buttons or custom art on their sticks let alone a custom stick


Well if a Player is sponsored by a stick manufacturer, then that player will sport what ever stick that manufacturer wants to Sell.
So if you lets say sponsored by Mad Catz you might play on a stock TE 2.

Also Customs are not cheap.

Wrong. Rules of Evo quite clear, no wireless controller. Every stick there has to have a cord.


I meant that the cord was attached as opposed to detachable. I’ve never seen a custom without a detachable cord. I understand that there will be sponsored players with their respective sticks but it still seems odd that there weren’t any customs. Not only that but I saw a decent amount of those HRAP VX SA’s, which I have never seen before on any stream, and I watch a lot of streams. Maybe they were the Kai version since it’s more available in the states and they assumed it would have the same PCB, but considering how plasticky and light it feels (from what I read) it isn’t a good lap stick. What I’m saying is I have this notion that the lag thread had some influence at Evo.


A lot of them go stock jlf and obsf so they can play on different setups without any trouble. There’s also the cost factor- I suspect that few people playing at that level have much money, because it would be difficult to play that much while keeping a decent paying job. Furthermore, like Darksakul kept saying in “that” thread, it’s the warrior, not the weapon that really makes the difference.

The stock stick prevalence is nothing new, this definitely isn’t due to the lag thread.


+1^^^ has nothing to do with THAT thread.


Been curious of this myself and have some input as I am a stick builder. From hanging out at local fight nights there is some difficulty converting seasoned players to a custom stick. The visual factor is high but most players started with a Te or similar and are high on muscle memory. Which makes sense, you used to see guys in pro-gaming tournaments using worn out Intellimouses. Those who have gauged interest have wanted replicas of their stick as opposed to a custom shape just because there used to using the surface area and placement they have learned on for so long. I have a friend up there competing Javier and on his testing, along with a lot of other recent testing has seen throw misses and missed commands out of a ps360+. I definitely think the recent input lag scandal had some effect as it broke as everyone was getting ready to fly out. As Darksakul said most of them are either sponsored by a stick company and or looking to get sponsored by a stick company and a lot of custom stick builders can only really afford to sponsor the stick themselves not travel and living expenses. Not saying a custom stick can’t be built in a performance way but from what I have seen among ranked players out of my local scene all they would want out of a custom stick is the neurtik functionality, the shape they have learned on, fresh sanwa gear and a few mods based on the throw/engage/restriction they like.


If you go to Evo you will see a LOT of custom sticks. Most people have retail sticks because they’re more affordable. They’re also normally more lightweight for travel and carrying around at venues. In a sense they are sort of disposable at tournaments too; if you break your TE you can borrow one that is basically identical, and replace it later.

Like Darksakul mentioned, a lot of the top players are sponsored and use a company stick. You can’t tell on the stream, but even a lot of those sticks are dual modded. Also a lot of them were FightStick Pros.

The VXes are pretty common, just not a prevalent as TEs.


Tons of variety and custom stuff here folks. Bryan (PAS), Moonchilde, Gummo, Phreak, and Duckie were modding nonstop day one. Stick customization is alive and well.


But modded sticks aren’t the same as customs.


Should have elaborated. From being around the MadCatz booth where those guys were doing there thing I saw plenty of custom stuff. It wasn’t strictly retail stuff they were working on. Sorry, just woke up.


I dropped my custom and merc’ed the wooden box. I miss it.

Stupid thread making me remember sad things.


The early pools you see a fair amount but once you get to the stage where everyone has MCZ etc in front of their name, it goes without saying they use whatever theyre damn well told to use.
side note: missed Chris G in the pools. Since this is sponsored by turtle beach…did he manage to get his AGE headset(s) in shot? :stuck_out_tongue:


Many people don’t want to travel with their prized customs too. I brought a TE.


On that note, seen a couple of folks rocking a VLX this year, some bonus commitment points to those guys!





What the… What are those extra buttons for?


I don’t play ssfiv but my guess would be plinking?
6 buttons for life~


I think its a set up where the select button moved and rewired to one of the eight face buttons in order to plink certain moves more easily. Not sure though.