Lack of experience or some problem?


Hello, i have been following fighting games for a while and finally decided to get SSF4 AE along with an arcade stick.

Anyway it arrived yesterday and noticing something weird, i can always do ultra (seth, dahlsim etc) from left to right very fast no problem, even with 1 finger joking around.

Problem is with left to right, i sort of have to do it slower, i thought it may be due to lack of experience but i tried turning the stick around, upwards, downwards and always ends up with the part of the stick (right to left originally) not failing at doing ultras and totally botching it with the left to right even if after switching the stick around becomes right to left etc.

The problematic motion when doing it fast just seems to do shoryuken(on seth) and when done fast doesn’t register down but downforward.

Could it be a problem with the joystick or am i just imagining things?

If it’s just the joystick i guess i can replace it, really didn’t want to return this.

I can record a video later if need to make it easier to diagnose.



hey man whats goin’ on? One thing i noticed from your post is you said “left to right” both times, so im going to assume you can do the ultra well on the P1 side but not the P2 side, or vice versa.

Anyway, you have the same problem i had when i got my madcatz TE back in 09, your just not used to the motions of it, plus i also didn’t like the square gate that was included with the stick, but i stuck it out. Firstly, how do you hold the ball top part of the stick? The way you hold the actual “stick” part matters, this vid- [media=youtube]12U3wDThs40[/media]
is a good intro to the different ways you can hold the stick, find which way “feels” the best for you and stick to it, i must’ve changed the way i hold it about 2-3 times before i felt comfortable/confident holding mine.

Another facter with your problem could be how u do the actual “hadouken” motion. Go into training mode and turn inputs on. Practice doing fireballs until you can get the exact input of down, down forward, forward on the side your having trouble with. Now when you feel confident in your input, just do the same motion twice at a medium pace until again you get down, down forward, forwardx2 perfectly. Then once u feel confident with that, try doing it in an actual combo the same way you practiced it. Just take it slow, one step at a time, and you’ll get it down =)

Whew, i havent posted in so long lol


Hey thanks for the help yes, i can do it from right to left fine, problem is left to right, i will post a video.

I can do ultras on both places problem is i feel there’s some sort of lag on the left to right one.

I hold it daigo style (wine glass or something).

I will record a video now on or so in case something is obvious, it’s also hard to measure which is faster while playing so recording a video will be good to just sit back and watch.

Cheers :slight_smile: and glad you posted again hehe.


Yeah that’s the same side i had trouble with P1 side, the way i rectified that is just as i said, get comfortable with the motion enough until you can do it consistently on both sides, it pretty much just comes down to practicing and getting comfortable really.

Also, i tried holding it Daigo style too, i hated it lol now i just hold the ball top with just my thumb, my point and middle finger and do stuff just fine, everyone’s different.


Yeah i tried alot of different styles and found that one the best for me :).

Funny, now connected the fightstick to the pc and could do easily p1 side and had a harder time than usual on p2 side, guess due to spending 3h+ on the training room working on the p1 side.

I will do as you say and keep repeating the motion, doesn’t make much sense that i can do the move with patience and then faster it botches, as in doesn’t make sense it being a hardware problem but more human error one if it works normally.

Thank you very much, will keep at it and if i see it ain’t going anywhere i will post a video to try to diagnose it.

Much appreciated for the help.


And I’ve always been faster on P2 side since I’m pulling the stick back instead of pushing it forward. Odds are you’re just normal. Like everyone else.


Go to training. Turn on inputs. Push down. Did down arrow register for the input? Do downforward. Did the down-forward arrow register? Do it for every input. If the input doesnt show up, its clearly defective. As it registers for the opposite direction, I’m going to go with the logic that you just got the stick and arent used to using it.

  1. Use your arm, not your wrist to move the stick. Its not some huge exaggerated motion, but if you are only flicking the wrist or trying to control it with the wrist/hand only, youll have problems.

  2. Try different methods of holding the stick. Many use a wine glass method with the stick cupped like a wine glass between their pinky and ring finger or middle and ring fingers. Of course, no one uses the same grip the entire match. Adjust for different inputs as needed.

  3. For fireball motions, I like to do down-back, down, down-forward, forward. Prevents SRK from coming out unintentionally, but you have to be careful if the character has a half circle forward motion with the same punch/kick input due to SF4 lax inputs.

  4. Practice, practice, practice. Training room, inputs on, make sure it looks correct and isnt just mashed out or using shortcuts to make it work (you can eventually abuse the shortcuts, but you just got the stick, learn to use it properly so you dont have bad habits/cant play games with tighter input requirements). Practice until you can do 10-20 reps on left and right side. Do it for multiple inputs. Practice, practice, practice.


Yes, if i do it slowly it all registers normally (down, downforward forward x2) , i guess it is a execution fail as wouldn’t make much sense for it to crumble just because i did it faster, plus sometimes i can still do it fast, then again i probably am trying to do it too fast which won’t even be too handy anyway.

Yeah not sure on what are the shortcuts atm even, just doing the normal motions, even though i notice sometimes i do the ultra and look at the inputs and looks incomplete so i guess that’s due to the shortcuts.

Much appreciated for the help :), now to pick a main since starting with dhalsim / seth is proving to be hard since need game experience i think to take advantage of them, i was suggested cody and cammy, probably will pick cody since i don’t find much appeal in cammy somehow.



Cody is a good character to begin with I think. He has 1 frame links which is good for beginners.


I think you can get by with Cody by doing:
cr.lp, cr.lp, xx hp cu


cr.hp xx hp cu

Both of which are a cakewalk.


Thanks was about to ask for some help.

I got the game yesterday and stick, i messed around with ultra and basic special moves and went to play on ranked, i think i am something like 61-0, won few rounds as well, was not expecting it to be easy but i feel like past the not getting perfected and actually managing to do some damage i am somewhat stuck.

Today i was playing rufus and went so-so, i mean lost all, but took my first rounds, biggest problem i have right now is well panicing a bit when i hit but i know how to work on that, the biggest problems are :

1 : ok i knocked the other guy down, now what to do i? i usually try messiah kick and just get blocked, tried the tornado also not much luck, tried jumping but i just get hit, what are some safeish options ? can be for cody as i think i will switch to him for now

2 : ah damn i was knocked down, now what are some safe moves here ? usually i just get crossuped (maybe the crouch 2 hands up move will work there) what else? (cody also)

3 : in the case the oponent has projectiles i feel its very hard to move in, i just get hit if i just etc and there are alot of people who dont mind sitting in the corner spamming it.

That is it for now, if anyone wants to do some basic practice my xbox id is Gasuutora.

Even though its not being easy i am having fun, too bad most people just kick me after 1 game due to having 0 points and them getting nothing (in ranked), even on battle its a bit why am i going to beat this chump again, cant blame them really i guess.


Started training those combos you said, cr.hp xx hp cu some how i cant seem to link cr hp to hp, can do standing hp to crouch hp cu, just making sure if you wrote it in the wrong order or if its like that and i just need to keep practicing it :).

Also the standing to crouch one seems to need a counter hit.

Not so easy for now until i get used to the motion but can do 1 in 5 by now, need to train the other one tomorow too, truly appreciate the help.

  1. Don’t try and just do random attacks against them on wakeup. Try a crossup, try something that’s safe and takes advantage of the time to be able to set it up. Adjust your positioning. Rufus has a really strong mindgame already going with divekick pressure, look into that if you wanna understand it better:

And for Cody I normally go for a crossup or try and bait something out, or if they aren’t reversal happy I’ll just pressure with normals. Also, after both a forward and a back throw (as far as I know) if you hold up towards them and jump as soon as it is possible to do so, it’s a safejump.

  1. Learn to block on wakeup. Neither Cody or Rufus have wakeup games without meter, and they don’t have safe wakeup options until they have 3 meters. As for your reversal, Cody is gonna be doing EX Zonk (VERY unsafe if they just block it, don’t do it unless you can FADC) and Rufus will be doing EX Messiah (also very unsafe, again don’t do it if you can’t FADC it). Just learn to block, it will save you some really bad habits. If they are just doing stupid jump ins make sure you are anti airing properly.
  2. Be patient. Learn to use focus to get in. Know your projectile invincible moves:

Cody: EX Ruffian, Ultra 2, Bingo, EX Bingo
Rufus: Don’t know


Today finally won a game hehe with Cody vs Adon, felt good but still didnt feel i did something special.

Still practicing the combos and trying to do the crossovers with jump diagonal etc.

Also decided to do the trials for cody since i had not used that feature yet and got to 21, some easier than others, but with some tries was doable and learned some things, i will need to repeat them alot though as i find myself having to think too much still about what to do which is no good, ideally want to have some auto pilot sort of thing going on for some stuff.

Anyway i seem to be stuck on the 21, the part with the ex focus cancel, do i hit focus cancel (2 buttons) and release it and do the ultra right after ? do i keep the fingers on the buttons and do the ultra motion and release or? so far if i try to press the 2 buttons and let go right away i ultra too late when the sparring partner is on the ground already.

I dont need to dash too on this one right?