Lack of ID's in youtube vids

I’m taking up an issue against this as lately youtube has been flooded by these. Ryu vs Ibuki, Hugo vs Elena… WTF??? I don’t know who exactly played who behind these characters and if I’m trying to look for any specific matchups, I gotta put up being flooded with this crap! Even the guys who uploaded their own match vids before were smart enough to add their nick’s just so we have a fair idea of who’s actually playing.

So yeah, the naming system on these uploads needs to be changed. Like I really care to run a search for 3SO clips only to get ground up with all these scrub videos…

At the very least organize them by grade or something. At least match what’s offered in the replay browser in the game. I find it a little whack too.

probably lawyers’ fault
you are posting videos of other people’s actions without their consent, which at the very least is kinda tacky if not kept anonymous
at least the discretion/liability to label IDs is given to the uploader

If you want to see high level 3rd Strike, you should be checking out The Shend’s Youtube page, not even bothering with uploads from randoms.