Lack of respect for Juri



Im finding a distinct lack of respect for Juri online. At my level of play you find an abundance of shotos. Who just want to rush you down so its quite differcult to develop your game. Dont get me wrong i enjoy playing Juri she got the tools but i just need to tweak my game.
Also it quite refreshing to fight other new characters.
Is arcade or training a good way to develop my game?


‘‘No respect for Juri’’ = People rushing you down?



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training to an extent, but fighting other players is the only way to get better.

Though I do find your title a tad perplexing.


Wait wait. Rushing down on Juri is a lack of respect for her?

Meanwhile - I play Juri, and rushdown every other character? so I have no respect for that character?

Quite the contrary, someone who can ex SRK xx FADC xx Ultra has my respect. I can’t pull off that shit.


So basically, you want people to show Juri more respect by not attacking her.


Im just making a point of trying to develop my game. Playing against people who probably got years of exp with a character. When Juri is so new it is quite challenging. I just didnt expect to get shot down. Just wanted to raise my game that all with a few tips or points.


Juri’s free IMO


… tell that to neo or edma…


Learn your anti airs and pokes. You will learn to not let them jump in on you and learn footsies so you can handle your ground game. Do NOT jump and do random moves and you should be fine. I LOVE facing shoto’s because I can handle them better then any other character in the game.


Yea… A rushdown usually is saying “fuck your wake up”. Juri has 2 options. Both are highly punishable and unreliable. So what’s there to be afraid of? Once juri is kd, she’s done. All she hopes for is a proper guess and hopefully that your opponent isn’t gonna safe jump or option select you.

I feel that someone who rushes me down doesn’t respect my pinwheel. It’s not bad, just not great. Throw beats it clean.


Kail - juri has two impeccable wake up options.

One, Ex Pinwheel seems to beat everything but a block in my experiences.
And Two, Ex Counter is a 1 frame start up, easy get-out-free card. Perhaps not against a Shoto however.

Otherwise, what’s wrong with a baiting block, and countering back into rush down tactics?


you can be grabbed out of EX pinwheel on start up(any player worth their salt is able to do it semi-consistently).

juri kinda fails if she guesses wrong since grab > her 2 escape options. I’ve taken to not even really attacking on wake up and just going for that since unless they plan on teching every wake up they get thrown for free.


EX Pinwheel is NOT an impeccable wake up option. At all. She can be grabbed, jabbed, and just about anything out of that move. Sure it works sometimes, but it’s hardly impeccable.


gonna have to say juri’s best options on wake up are block and throw, only ex pinwheel if u know its gonna hit.

op: the reason ur getting rushed down so hard is because thats the most effective way to fight juri. many of her specials are extremely easy to punish. while she does have a potent fireball game, its rather dangerous for newer players to engage in fireball warfare while using her. juri just gets absolutely bullied after a knockdown, uve gotta tech them to get up asap and get really good at blocking and teching throws, its the only way to survive with her.


As everyone has said, both options are not great. They’re good…they’re like almost every reversal option in the game minus a few.

See. Juri Pinwheel is the Ken Srk of this game. Takes a lot of damage, and has priority. Its the get of jail free card that people will punish the hell out of. There were times when I would Play a championship match in Vanilla against kens and literally be on them…>SRK!!! Okay…lost some life. Get on them again, SRK!!! Okay…some more life. On them again…SRK!!!oneoneoneoneone. I look at my life and im like “Literally I’ve lost half my life just from SRK reversal”. Granted they then lose because they kept doing it and I ultra’d them on block.

But the same could be said for Juri. If you’re getting away with that stuff you’re not playing smart players. Literally…If a Pinwheel is blocked there should be an ultra. Everyone in this game has 2 ultras sans Gen who has 4. That means, almost everyone should have an option to ultra after that. I think even Akuma can Demon you after pinwheel.

Its about game plan and mindset. I go into the match vs Juri saying “If they ex dive kick, I MUST ultra afterwards. If she ex pinwheels I MUST ultra”.

Furthermore, do you realize how punishable ex counter is? If that shit whiffs you get ultra on reaction. Real talk. Even if it hits, almost everyone does the cross over, or jump straight up. On reaction that can be punished.

Juri has a few tricks. Example, i dont have to cross over. I could just run away. Her ex counter could offer some nice mix up on defense. Ex Pinwheel CAN get someone off of you. But…If someone is smart they’ll take their character in the lab and find what beats it.

Juri also has the problem of having poor walk speed and poor throw range. Because of this I can even walk under someone on a cross up attempt, and often I’ll whiff a throw or a tech and get combo’d. So even frizzy’s “Best option” is kind of a risk. Her best option sometimes is just to crouch tech. But the problem with that is, some characters wont give you a lot of frames to breath.

Juri is really bad on defense up close. She can control space quite well and I’m happy to say that you can keep someone at max distance of her hk quite easily with fuhajin, pokes, anti airs and such. When FSE is on you can do a better job of this.


Sorry Dub Post.


I just don’t see where her low HP is justified. Even with her offensive options, she just gets rolled over defensively.


Shes a woman. Thats why. Plain and simple.


My answer to Ryu and the like…Throw in some mix up and rush THEM down! Use her dash and her couter to absorb fireballs to get close!