Lady Gaga: "Virgins are cool"

It’s nice to see such an influential person advocating celibacy. I’d much rather sit at home and watch The Nanny than stick my 3rd little toe into some disgusting hamhole. :rock:

I don’t think any pop star has such influence as to curb peoples desire to fuck.

Well to be fair, when I see Lady Gaga, I tend to become quite flaccid.
I would wager she is not maintaining celibacy by choice.

ahahahahahaha good point


lol @ influential

Lady Gaga only “influences” gay morons from what Ive seen the last 2 years.

You’re just mad at the truth.

I bet you lost you virginity to a grown woman ate age 13, like Jonah Falcon, and now you’re mad that you can’t fit in any woman so you settle for having it groped by Sulu at his Bachelor party.

i have never heard a single thing she has ever done

I now have a renewed drive to plunder Miley Cyrus.

California, here I come.

wow dude ur a lady gaga fan? and you made a choice to be celibate? U TROLLIN MAN

I’m not gonna sit here and say celibacy’s lame, but in an industry where sex sells, she’s kinda talkin out her ass.

P.S. Talk is cheap

One more thing: I pursued the list of celebrates that are “celibate” and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a bunch of people famous for sellin ass on TV/printed media. The message I’m getting by reading between these lines is that it’s okay to have a bunch of sex but eventually you’re gonna get tired of it cause you done fucked everything in sight so keep celibacy in mind for the future.

lady gaga is the greatest. you haters suck.

Is she for real? With all the sexual promotion she does? Really??? Umm. Not buyin it. I know it’s cool to be celibate/have your v-card, I do, but if you say so Crazy Gaga.

She was actually misquoted. She really said “Vaginas are cool” and then went on to add “I wish I had one.”

And whoever made that needs a proofreader.

thats just the preform. The final form will really convince you.

I couldn’t care less one way or another about lady gaga (its not like I don’t indulge in music equally guady), but its pathetic some loser made this to validate their fandom of her.

Hell yeah! Not getting laid is THE SHIT! :rock:


Also, being strong an independent has nothing to do with having sex, you could have sex and still be both strong and independent. Ms Gaga would have did better to state: “Don’t fuck anything that moves like I did, choose your partners wisely, as many as there may be, and understand the magnitude of decisions you make, you know be responsible” instead of saying “NOT HAVING SEX IS IN NOW! BEEN WHACKIN OFF IN YOUR TOOLSHED? BROTHER I WANNA SHAKE YOUR HAND!”

This thread sucks, The Nanny is an awesome show. I’m going to go put on my Nanny shirt right now and practice celibacy.

Edit: It comes to mind that I’ve never seen or even heard a song from Lady Gaga.

Trust many of us: you don’t want to…