Lady Gaga's Many Outfits

WTF:confused: is the first thing that comes to mind when lady gaga shows up at
either a photo shoot, making music videos, and even awards.

Post some of her pics that make you wonder wtf is wrong with her.

I love Lady Gaga.

Fuck the rumors.

shes awesome! but she does have some wtf outfits tho.

this one comes to mind when i say “wtf”. she looks 10 years older than she usually does.

and that face thing she wore at the VMAs this year was sort of creepy. you guys know what im talking about? it looks like someone made a funnel cake on her face.

this is what i was talking about.

i theres a few more pictures of her from the VMAs on
generally, i think shes a pretty classy lady and knows how to carry herself. i saw her in concert once. -shrugs-

C’mon, who doesn’t love the birdnest? :rofl:


Her designer divided by zero.

Dam she must have some kinky sex.

That bitch crazy.

What the Hell is this? She got an award looking like every woman on Earth had their period on her?

I can’t lie; I like that one.

But this right here:


doesn’t fly.

This thread is absolutely fab.

her WTFness never ceases to amaze me.

Wow…uhh, quite the eccentric style she has there. Those Kermits and bubbles one have to be the weirdest, but all of them are in some form or shape.

Almost nothing I’ve seen can truly disturb me, and I’ve seen about everything the internet has to offer, but that is some really really scary shit.

Some of her pictures are made of nightmares.

I’d want to fuck her.

Me too. She has a supple booty.

She’s late to the party. Bjorn has been dressing/looking weird for 10 + years. She’s a knockoff.

Working as intended.

I like where this thread is going.

Everyone has seen this picture [or from the video] but I like it.