Lady Senpukyaku


Spent a little time on this one. Let me know wasup. Next I will probably try a real pose on streetfighter characters.

peace out
Super Shade


out of all the ones from you…

out of all the ones I have seen so far from you this is te best keep it up!:smiley:


:eek: :eek:

Very nice!!! You’ve spent a lot of time on this pic, and it really shows! I really like this style of shading, it just really gives the shape to everything. I particularly like the biceps… excellent shading!


Damn that’s some nice shading work!! I haven’t shaded anything in years, but now I want to!!



damn your gonna have to show me some of your other shit when i come up for the july tourny:eek:


Nice work,you do have talent:)


Thank you for the feedback.
Coming soon…Twin dragons whoop’n random scrub!
peace out
super good




Thats the one. I remember when you drew that. .cool.:cool:


the anatomy i pretty tight! i dont know about the leg going up however. good shading too!