Lafayatte tourny Results

1st. Patrick(vegita-x) Rogue/Storm/Tbonne
2nd. Chris (magneto_x) MSP,MST
3rd. damien (IM,Cable,Doom)
4th. Sleepy (Storm/Sentinel/Capcom)
5th. Brydon (Sentinel/Storm/Capcom)…(Team Scrub)
5th. Rashassan (Org)…Cable/Sentinel/Cyc…Strom/Sentinel/Cyc

Good tourny everyone. Dame SSj byrdon you should come down here and play so you could get better. Anyway good tourny, you better come down for our tourny next time.

Nice sticks guys, i cant beat sleepy and patrick and ssj.

Yeah Yeah What ever!!Good tourney :rolleyes:
Oh well I tryed!!Next time I guess…Laterz

New Orleans rock. Rashaan got owned. DAMN!!! jk, good shit.

I just would like to say that all Sentinel players suck. It like take no skills to play with him. I just would like to see a tourny without any sentinel’s. But I just got to deal with it all well.


i forfeit after i lost to patrick because the sticks became unbearable but whatever.

A win is a win, stop bitching

Good shit pat.

holy shit GT Money holding that shit down…“Am I my brother’s keeper?..yes I am” hahaha

-The Icon-

nice torney, rouge is too good:eek:

Damn Rahsaan stop all that crying and shit, the sticks was not bad it just took a few minutes to get use to. I gave u the game when I had 18 wins so u could practice with mag/Storm/Sentinel and u played like 10 more after that. Your acting like me, chris, duane or anyone in La can not beat you. you only have two teams storm/Sentinel/Cyc and Cable/Sentinel/Cyc you don’t even pick capcom or magneto anymore because you can’t beat me with him and when chris or duane plays you 95% of the time they OCV you. Your Good but u give yourself way to much credit. you make fun of my team all of the time and yet I still beat you with rogue come on. How to u make fun of low-teir and still lose. And I know what your going to say OOOO I beat u when we played for money and in casual play. But Rashsaan I play with a stupid ass team remenber and I should never beat you. Lets see we play first game to 5 and the final count be 5 to 4. Or if we play all day it will be like 40 games to 60…OOOOOOOOOOO you really kicked my ass . You only have sentinel and really you don’t even play cable against us anymore its always Storm/Sentinel/Cyc OOOO don’t work to hard on those combos. I love MVC2 and everything but you make the game boring to play. I not mad at u or anything but I just don’t like people that talk shit. You really need to just chill out man before you have no friends left. And Rahassn again I’m not mad or anything you are still more than wellcome to come by me and play and I’m still trying to get you on at UPS but really just chill out or before someone pull a charles on you. Anyway I’m just saying what everyone else say under there breath.

lmao damn ORG, come on now, retort!

There is no comeback to the truth.

Yeah i guess your rite. Damn Rashaan say it aint so heh

this is rahsaan…

I dont get ocved by anyone 95% of the time so lying just to live vicariously through duane and chris wont help your mental state.

MIxup stfu, you havent beaten josh wigfall once in your life and i did it on like my 2nd try. YOu cant beat me either i will stomp a mudhole in your retarded ass team. THat is all stfu, we can play for money whenever MIchael.

Oh yah, and patrick has been beaten to the point of insanity.

damn niggas stop the hate…and rashaan why you always beefin with someone…just tuck ur tale between ur legs and eat it for a little…just chill out like pat said…

and dont even try fucking with mixup…hes the truth


holla back

i think he’s a lie.

Yeah sure guy what every u say. We both know the truth so it is pointless to respone to that. Don’t worry at the next Texas or Florida tourny we will see how far u place.

Oh Yah maybe it’s not 95% of the time more like 94.98765434676466 I guess I forgot how to round off:confused:

Who did you lose to at ecc org? Let me guess, people who aren’t as good as you?

Good job at this tournament btw, way to get your ass kicked and be humble about it.

~~the truth:lol:

P.s listen to shawn he knows

if you arent gonna put up, then stfu and stop posting in la threads man.

Play him for money mike, play him for money. Rashaan I know you’re a good player, but when results don’t agree with you, just man the fuck up and let the next tournament results vindicate your rep, instead of whining like a little pussy.