Lafayette, Louisiana PlayNTrade SFIV Results

Hi’ya there! I was in a SFIV tourney yesterday and I came in 3rd place of 25 contestants!
1st Place: Bryand aka Krucial B (Sagat/Balrog)
2nd Place: Blaise aka Red Cyclone (Zangief)
3rd Place: Sleepy aka CreepySleepy (Rufus)
4th Place: Lee aka Gold Ninja (Blanka)

It was alot of fun there with some stiff competition! I was the only Rufus player there and I recieved alot of props 4 playing with the fat guy! As a hardcore Rufus player, I think we gotta figure out a way to take out Zangief and Balrog/Boxer! Thanx and keep fighting!

as i foresaw…

Sounds like ur part of Bryand’s fanclub… say it aint so…

i only did what you couldnt do. dont play blanka vs gief, just pick sagat. hell i dont even play sagat unless its vs gief. if they wanna be cheap then you become cheaper until gief gets his bullshit meter turned down.

blanka vs geif is in blankas favor…
and i lost to his honda not his gief…
add to that it will never happen again =D

Will the update offer any changes to Balrog? Cuz the priority of his moves are sick! Its like he has no weakness or something! Gief is just so damn strong its rediculous!

Tweak Gief yes, Balrog no. He is not over powered.

Boxer isn’t over powered but his priority is what gets me! Rufus is a gr8 poker & he gets nothin in on Boxer! All Rog has 2 do is crouch jab & w8 for his opponent 2 jump! U can’t even b8 his headbutt because its basically safe from punishment! Whassup with that?

I had somthing come up so N4Sir Couldnt be there… This tourey was ran weired … I thought you and Zenzo got first Brydon…

technically yes, isiah was the ps3 winner i was the xbox winner. basically i had a 20+ man tourney to win and he had a 5 man tourney to win, you decide the real winner:bgrin:

anyway, i’ll come over next week and beat down on both of yall to show the real power of the tourney winner:encore: