Lag fix/proof. REPOWER UR MODEM before playing ONLINE


Especially when its HOT out…why?

People dont realize the other factors involved and often blame the game - DSLs(and other connections) work over COPPER WIRE and the signal(resistance in copper wire) degrades as heat rises - when temp increases it can make a difference in online play(in SFxT you can see skipping, with AE netcode will have more input lag).

You can see skipping(rollbacks), that are obviously noticed(SFxT), that correct input to the proper timing, or input lag in AE(time before your moves come out)

Repowering your modem resets that connection to optimal performance(its called syncing), and until you reboot it can suck especially if its been a while and its hot out.

So Please…


3 seconds is fine…



IT CAN make a difference especially in the summer when it is very hot outside and you have hundreds sometimes thousands of feet of copper wire between you and the source of your internets, along with very precisely and optimally tuned electronic equipment like DSL modems which sync the line and signal at the time of power on.

Simple, yet effective way to significantly reduce lag online, just be sure to do it** immediately before playing**, and if you been playing hours, take a break and a quick repower can help keep you solid.

OF COURSE - this will not work with everyone all the time, it helps for me and has for others that I have played real time. If thats not enough for you to try, then I cant help you!
Also note heat may not be the only factor at work here, repowering can help for other reasons as well.


Bump! Cuz we all overlook these things.


I just played a guy Stylishist or something like that in endless(good player too), connection was horrible, skippy and jerky, told him to try a reboot sometimes it helps esp in the heat, he is like ok i’ll try, comes back 2 mins later and AMAZING CHANGE, no lag whatsoever the next 30 matches…it was like night and day, I was even surprised.

We were both like WOW.

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that is very interesting. gotta try that sometime. someone should really do a test and sticky this.


Guys, seriously. A reality check, maybe?

The temperature coefficient of copper is 0.04%. That means that for each degree Celsius, the resistivity of the copper increases by that percentage. At 20C, the resistivity of copper is 1.68*10^-8, which is very, very little. 0.04% of very, very little is so small that it’s inconsequential. Even if your router heated up to a ridiculous 50C above room temperature, the difference in resistivity would still only be 2%. Two per cent! It’s nothing.

In addition to that, the resistivity of the conductor is not directly proportional to the speed with which electricity propagates through it. In other words, just because the resistance goes up, you can’t say that the signal is slower by that amount. At a 0.2% increase in resistivity, I’m not sure the difference in signal propagation is measurable even with lab equipment.

Think about it: if a 50C difference in temperature did any measurable difference to the speed of signal propagation in copper, why isn’t your computer getting slower when it’s hotter? It may crash at about 55C above room temperature, but that’s for other reasons; it’s not getting measurably slower (unless your software downclocks it when it gets hot in order to protect it from the heat, of course).

There are plenty of other reasons why reconnecting your modem or router might yield a benefit, but none of them relate to temperature except in cases where your modem is so hot that it actually crashes. I don’t know of any modems that have heat protection, so that means they’ll probably melt before crashing, like old CPU’s used to in the good old days.


I’ve met lots of kind people online who will do this before the end of a match if they felt it was too laggy and were losing.


Yes I’m joking, but it’s not as funny as using yahoo answers as a source.


This is not getting a sticky. It ought to be an entertaining thread though. You should also power cycle your TV for maximum benefit.



Thx Kyle!


To go one further you should also unplug all the copper wiring from the trunk to the exchange as the heat will also be high there.

Furthermore, one should always sit with an ice pack under their arcade stick of choice to keep the actuators cool thus increasing response.


Oh yea? Thats great, I’ve seen it work in real life multiple times(even outside of gaming applications), so you might not think so, but I know so.

I suppose you also manufacture dsl and cable modems and know exactly how sensitive they are to resistance changes in line conditions over time especially on long loops(if you even know what that means)

Plus it has nothing to do with the temp of your ROUTER, your COMPUTER isnt a COPPER WIRE or MODEM and doesnt 1st measure and then based on that data sync the line at time of power on.

This is a very simple yet quite effective way to reduce lag, use it or dont, the choice is yours!

OF COURSE - this will not work with everyone all the time, it works for me and has for others that I have played real time. If thats not enough to give it a whirl, then I cant help you!


If your fix works at all, it’s because you’re power cycling a device and creating a new connection with the ISP. It has literally nothing to do with heat.


Whatever you say champion, in the mean time I will take my experience in seeing it work best when there is a steep increase from cooler morning hours to mid afternoon heat as evidence enough for me.

Also the fact that everything is more solid in the winter when its cold out just re-confirms what I have found.

I’m just trying to help people out scaffy, your criticisms arent helping anyone…but maybe you can feel better about yourself by doing it, if so, have at it and criticize away! If you are really lucky you might even earn a like or 2 out of your smart remarks!!


Congrats I guess you successfully trolled me with this thread because I replied.


Nope, just trying to help, educate yourself before being a smart ass, it will work better.

What is Attenuation?

Attenuation is a general term that refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal. As a signal traverses across a cable it becomes weaker the further it travels. Each interconnection (e.g. a bridged tap) also reduces its strength. At some point the signal becomes too weak for the network hardware to interpret reliably. By knowing the level of attenuation (and NEXT) on a particular line, telephone companies can determine what DSL technology can be provisioned on a particular line and how much margin is available to accommodate increased losses due to temperature changes, ageing, etc.


If you genuinely think power cycling a modem, cools the wires - and that is the reason you can get a better connection fair enough.


Clinging way too hard to the temperature theory and ignoring the fact most hardware firmware is pretty buggy and can go good for a reboot every so often anyway due to issues releasing memory, not releasing connections, etc. Blaming temperature for a bad connection is like blaming solar flares for static on an FM channel. I guess it’s possible, but holy shit did you just go there?

I also have to reboot my modem from time to time to fix weird lag issues, but I have a Verizon MiFi hotspot over 3g. Guess my radio waves got too hot?


Like I said, in my experience temp plays a role, perhaps not the only role, read my posts, do what you will with that.

Glad to know rebooting helps you as well.


Im not sure why I have the urge to further educate you…

…but no, rebooting doesn’t cool wires, repowering resyncs the signal to your CO which is adjusted by the modem at the time it is powered up(the little lights flashing indicate this) so your modem will re-adjust to the line conditions at that time, which may have changed if there was a significant increase in temp since the last time you rebooted and the modem tested and synced your connection accordingly at that time.


Again crack on with what you think.


That is not what I think, it is fact.