Lag/frame drop post update.(PS4)


Anyone notice major frame drop/ stuttering on PS4 on any stage thats not grid after the update? Its way noticeable on the alley stage with all the breakable signs but it also happens near the water fall on forgotten waterfall, the fruit vendor on lauras stage and when the henchmen are running in the background on lair of the four kings.


The drops happens from time to time. I also heard that capcom is banning training mode stage selection for their pro tours and stuff because it gives players unfair advantage. Uhh Capcom, maybe if you had optimized the ps4 version better, people won’t be picking training stage.


I was able to play on the PS4 for the first time in the last two weeks at some local tournaments. As someone who was coming from a powerful PC with VSync off; it was very jarring. The frame drops on stages and the large difference in input delay was off putting. It was so much so that I am going to actually turn Vsync back on to make my PC version less responsive just to standardize it somewhat. I wish Capcom would try and optimize the game a bit more on PS4 if it is going to be the tournament standard.