Lag free online play or a resurging arcade scene

which would you prefer and why?

when i say “lag free”, i mean indistinguishable from offline play.

I voted an arcade scene even if its impossible these days. And I think the first one is impossible (worlwide lag free)at least on the next 3-5 years. Ppl have to go out of their homes to play and not so much play WoW and eat and get fat and blah (not intending to fale WoW players but Hey! Tere is a real world out there!)

Arcade so you get the satisfaction of beating people in front of a crowd

If there were new games coming out, I’d vote for arcade. tekken DR was doing good for awhile and I think vf5 could too, but there are no new good 2d games coming out, so I’d rather vote for lag free play.

Lag free online gives access to the most opponents… but there has to be some system to stop abuses such as pausing, picking banned characters etc.

Arcade scene. No contest. People need to get off their asses and make fighting games what they used to be- a social experience. That’s what makes the arcades great. You meet Zach instead of xXz4km4||99Xx. Arcades are more personal. Identifying somebody by their screen name takes the fun out of beating your opponent. At an arcade, you get to learn, while online, you just win or lose. Nobody’s there to teach you anything.


But Arcade Scene if I HAD to pick.

arcade scene, definitely

I’m too young to have any nostalgic notions of the arcade, lagless internet play for me. I’d say “both” if that were an option, but if I had to choose…

I just think with the net I’d get 10x the matches I’d get if there was suddenly a great arcade near me.

Arcade. Not only is there no debate about lag, but it gets people out of the house and socialising. There’s many more aspects of your life you can benefit from playing in arcades (no matter how much of a dark corner scene it might be) that you will lack from sitting in your bedroom alone talking to randoms on a head set.

Shockwave av is Ultra Combo tier. That is all.

Both. Meeting people and playing is cool, but you can’t do that shit at 3AM in the morning if you suddenly start feening for a set.

For everyone who voted for lag free online… to hell with you :devil:

doesn’t really require nostalgia to understand why people think its better. however small, people are putting something on the line each time they play(ie, their token, quarter, their money) at an arcade. each match you win means you get to play more. so there’s an inherent incentive to win. if you do happen to get knocked off, you then get to watch others trying their best to stretch that token. the quality of play will generally always be better at an arcade because of this.

They’re both cool. But, I love the arcade scene.

Either one man.

Arcade, why would I want to sit in my house, and play online instead of going out and talking/joking/playing games with people at an arcade?

That aside, you could learn more at a arcade, because you have other people there that can help you with your game.

you can learn either place.

Arcade scene wins.

Easy choice, arcade scene. Part of why I love Street Fighter is in an arcade context, half the fun is hanging out with the people there. Its just not the same experience playing by yourself