Lag Free PS2-PS3 converter?!

So yeah I’m looking for the best, lag-free, ps2 to ps3 converter you can find. I’m building a custom stick and I am using a PS2 PCB. Also, which of these two sticks are better? Seimitsu LS-40-01, or a Seimitsu LS-56-01? I’m looking into getting a seimitsu simply because I’m curious on how they perform over my Madcatz TE s. Thanks for the help guys!


There is no “better,” just depends on what you want out of a stick. There is this graph for the attributes:

Here is a link to the iNPiN converter:

I got the Dragon+ PS2 to PS3 converter laying around and it’s also lagfree. Just make sure that you get the V2; I don’t have any experiences with the V1. It doesn’t support rumble though. I’ve tested the input lag with a PC program: ~0ms. Also, I’m quite sensitive to input lag (I feel a great (!) difference between my ~16ms Samsung P2450 and my ~40ms Samsung 32" HDTV; my friends feel little to no difference. They think it’s a lame excuse :(…); between a wired DS3 and DS2 + Dragon+ V2, I don’t feel any difference. If you got some local store / seller (ebay e.g.) selling the Dragon+ V2, defenitely give it a try! Otherwise, pick up the iNPiN converter, since it’s popular and known to be absolutely lagfree.

How instead of me asking which one is better, can you guys answer which one out of the two you would choose? And if you can, say why. Thanks for the help

How about*

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Readily avilable from etokki, plus it supports laugh.

iNPiN from eTokki. Laugh has a PS2 -> 360 converter there now also.

iNPiN works great! My dad picked one up for me when he was in Korea, and I loved it so much that I bought a second one online!

iNPiN is confirmed to be the best PS2 converter. But since the topic is about lagfree converters, I just wanted to name an alternative. I’d personally recommend you to pick that one up, which is easier to get for you. For me, it was the Dragon+ V2, since it was available in my country (eBay) and I got it cheap + fast (2 days). Deliveries from Korea will take around 7 - 14+ days + more shipping cost. But, if you’d also have to import the Dragon+ V2, then it’s not worth it and you should just get the iNPiN instead.

Why not just use a Cthulhu and be done with it? Is PS2 compatbility worth it anymore? I know I have not popped a PS2 game into my PS3 for over a year now.

inpin without a doubt

I’m using one of the pcb’s of an old ps2 controller i have. I just want the project. =D