Lag in controller response

Hi all, just picked up a PS3 and SSF4.

I’m experiencing lags in my inputs. I have the stock wireless controller and a hori which I used a adapter with.

I have played CVS2 and MVC2 on the dreamcast for years. I know SSF4 is different but I didn’t expected to be this much.

Has anyone experience this? The TV I have is pretty good. Sony LCD 52" full 1080p, I’m connecting through HDMI.

Any suggestions appreciated.

HD TV’s usually have on board processing to improve picture quality. And lag the living tits out of your games. Try hooking your setup to an old CRT TV and see if it goes away. Some tips there on ways to improve things a bit.

Check if on your TV controller you have an “AV mode” button. Set it to “gaming” on the HDMI channel. If you don’t have that button, you should disable cinema filters and more from TV settings.

Sometimes the biggest TV is not the best TV, my HDTV is a SHARP and it pwns.

Tech talk

Thanks guys.

I always thought the problem only occurs when setting up an older system, such as Dreamcast or PS2, to a HDTV. Didn’t think the problem exist with PS3 as well.

I did find a game mode and was able to turn off all processing features on my TV. works lot better now.

even PS3 doesn’t output 1080p on HDMI unless you play a bluray,so the TV is going to do upscaling anyways.

You need a HTPC with an average video card (GTX 240 or equivalent) to play SFIV full HD, eye candy and smoothed edges and steady 60 framerate, XBOX/ PS3 just have terrible graphic capabilities in all regards, resolution, smoothing, color fidelity, shaders and stability.

Sadly there is no SSFIV for the PC audience so far.