Lag-less online play. Will it ever happen?

Before someone says it, yes I know ggpo, played it since alpha ver. and its the best thing by far in terms of input response for a fighting game because it really does eliminate the feel of delayed inputs.

i know nobody will know the true answer to the thread title unless you have a crystal ball but I’m sure a lot of us can’t help wonder if it will become a reality some day.
I’m not gonna lie, afaik all the commercial fighting games on current-gen with online play, be it 2D or 3D have more or less noticable input lag thats enough to distract me (and probably others here) to play even semi-competitively. They don’t come even close to an alternate option for ggpo, much less offline play.

It saddens me as a fighting game player to see other genres such as FPS and RTS can strive online while fighting games, due to the nature of thier gameplay relying on basically no-delay input, to be unable to be enjoyable online.
I want ggpo (or ggpo level) online play!!! /rant

Right now my next hope is this. i hope this isn’t a hoax or anything.

What we most need is an engine built from the ground up to run fighting games, so that companies like SNK, Namco, and Capcom could work with this to cut down on production cost without having to reuse an engine from an engine not suited for ideal fighting game play. We need coding and an engine that is compatible with GGPO like netplay, and that can still provide a diverse range of games. FPSes have this in multiple ways, with the Half Life engine and the UDK. If every genre had such engines, then I guarantee that every genre would be as flowered as the FPS genre.

Skullgirls has GGPO, so expect great play out of that.

I don’t think DBZ or Skullgirls using GGPO will convince this niche industry to change anything. We need big fg developers like SNK or Namco to add GGPO to one of their A+ fg titles, because clearly after three titles Capcom doesn’t care to. Capcom needs to be pressured in some way to actually use GGPO and not some half-assed implementation of it.

They need to stop using shit designed to work in a small country, and code with a big country in mind, so that it works well in a large country, the same or better in a small country/radius, rather than optimized for small radius and HOPE shit stays cool when increased exponentially.

Rollcaster. also please remember that GGPO is just a brand, nFBA has the same shit.

maybe one day when the world is ravaged by nuclear war and the survivors decide to rebuild network infrastructures with only fios

woah thats cool as hell

Actually, no.
nFBA has a special version of kaillera that allows p2p (Desyncs will happen alot).

HD Remix comes out in November of 2008 with GGPO-style internet code, lobbies and spectating.

SF4 comes out a few months later without GGPO-style internet code, lobbies or spectating.

Capcom patches Championship Mode into SF4.

Capcom removes Championship Mode from SSF4 but adds lobbies and spectating. Still no GGPO.

Capcom removes spectating from MvC3. Still no GGPO or Championship Mode.

It’s too bad a legion of butthurt tournament players (new faces are NOT allowed to win a SF2 tournament, ever) and nostalgia-blind ST fanboys have succeeded in steering people away from the one modern Capcom game that has proper internet play.

Well technically there is no lagless online play, since lag will always exist. It’s how you hide the lag that makes the difference (in this case, yay rollback, boo input delay).

correct me if I’m wrong but thats just kaillera P2P right? You’ll still have input delay relevant to the ping. It doesnt use any latency hiding like ggpo does.

Yeah, input lag.
Playing cps2 or Neo geo you are stuck to your region on p2p kaillera. On ggpo I’m allowed to play west coast or europe and it will be playable.