Lag on an LCD TV

Me and my friends play Third Strike, the PS2 version.
A couple of weeks ago, we played at this friends house and he’s got a 32" LG LCD TV (don’t know the exact model, though) and the game lagged to the extent of being almost unplayable, as parrying became almost impossible due to the change in timing.
Last week, I bought a Samsung 37" L37S62 LCD TV. When we started playing, I was nervous, whether it will work ok or not. To my surprise, it was much better than my friends TV, yet sometimes I still think it f**ks up the timing.

Anyone have any experience with this? Can anything be done to completely eliminate or at least lessen the lag to the point of 100% SF3 playability?

Any tips will be appreciated.


Thnx :blush: :blush:

Didn’t find it with search.