Lag on SF IV 360?

Hey guys like the title says, do any of you all have bad lag? At first I figured that the game was just laggy… When i play 90% of the time i can’t even stand to block high, i can’t jump over / ex / anything useful against fireball spamming. Very frustrating, then i went over to my friends place and he had virtually no lag at all… So i guess i’m just wondering if its my crappy connection or what… and if it is there any tricks to fix it.

I get it once in a while. All the hits register, which is more than can be said for FPSs, but input lag is THE WORSE for this shit.

And it could be your connection/router. Forward the proper ports to your 360 and you might see a better ping with people. The ports for XBL are 3074 and 88. I can’t remember which is TCP and which is UDP so I have both number open on both protocols.

hrmmm okay, sorry i’m pretty nub when comes to this type of stuff, so i’m guessing i can set that from 360 options?

Forwarding ports isn’t going to give you any less lag.

The only advice i can really give is make sure you have a good ethernet cord and you’re not downloading anything on your pc while you play. I noticed with sf4 the smallest shit can lag up a connection. If I’m playing an online game and my friend goes to or refreshes a web page the game will lag up for a sec while it’s loading on the pc. I’m thinking that could be because I have my pc and 360 networked to share vids and shit maybe. I’m going to try blocking out my 360 from windows media player and see if that does anything.

Hrrmmm i have no solution as of yet… i’ve tried it with all my pc’s shut down, i’m wondering if it has something to do with another router being plugged into my main router… My brother set that crap up so i dunno x_x. sigh

Yeah, I’d assume that’s most likely your problem man.

sounds like a router problem. invest on a better/xbl certified router. there is a list of supported routers on

some lag is unavoidable. you can reduce it by using a direct connection, playing at

night (after 9:00pm) and avoiding peak internet hours(3-5pm), and staying away

from the gamertag TOTAL CHAOS 1:nono:.

the last one is the most important.

Thx for all of the suggestions… i’ve taken out the other router completely, turned of all of the PC’s and my friend opened up the ports for me over the weekend. I’ve had mixed success… some average lag to the very bad lag, but i’ve had some playable matches for a change, while still frustrating at times still manage block up once in a while. Heh.

Snaaake i dunno if i can use another router as i have at&t uverse and it comes with this big hideous router to begin with, which is perhaps why my brother used that other one as well… I dunno. Hell, that one he is using may be xbox approved i dunno…


yeah GEFTY made a funny. about time he shits on TOTAL SCRUB 1 too :rofl:

I play off of my schools dorm connection. Its a great connection and I hardly ever lag and when I do, its due to me being on someone else’s host.