lag report


some reputable players post your thoughts about the lag. I have no stick to actually sit down and try things.


I think its pretty solid personally. Its not magic, but its good.

BTW this has already been covered in like 3 other threads.


It’s…interesting. There’s some lag, but it doesn’t seem like it messes up combos at all. Overall i’m happy with it.


I don’t have that much experiance with GGPO but I think that’s how the netcode is. Visual glitches (more so corrections) are used rather than inducing slowdown and input lag, like some other online fighting game on xboxlive :tdown:

now the real question is what is the significance of the “input lag” setting in the options menu


After 30 ranked matches or so, I’ve had my share of wins and losses due to lag. I can no longer bombXXouro against cable, meaning Strider’s no longer anti cable. And really the only tactic that benefits from lag is runaway, so I just went to santhrax later. still, could’ve been worse


Low tier has stepped up majorly in the face of lag, at the very least this is gonna be great for shits and giggles matches.

I’ve had some pretty smooth matches so far in all honesty. The lag is there, but I keep comin back so its not that bad.


Now entering the arena: Lagneto!

Magneto mixup is nothing new to me. Seeing resets after they are already comboing is new to me.


If you s. jump forward and cable does an AHVB on you at the same instant, you will get hit even if you are holding back. This doesn’t work offline.

Also, DHC Storm into Sent timing is a bit different due to the lag.