Lag Switch players

Ok, I think I’m in the right board area for this since it’s all-encompassing across the board, not just to my SF4 question specifically. I wanted to know if there was any way unequivocally you could prove or show an online opponent was using a lag switch? The reason I ask is because I was playing this guy last night on SF4. When he hosted the player match, a red 1-bar connection. Lag was expectedly unbelievable. So I hosted the next match and we had a 3-bar yellow connection so I figured it should go smooth. We start that match and the lag is even MORE horrible than the match he himself hosted! Here’s the kicker, the first round was “tolerable,” and I use that description loosely. He wins the 1st. 2nd round is about the same and I barely eek out the win to tie it at 1 all. Then the 3rd round was probably the worst I’d ever seen! I googled Lag Switches and found if you leave it on too long, the connection automatically drops. I mention that part because in the 3rd round, the match finally DC’ed because the lag was so horrible. Thus, since I hosted the match with a 3-bar yellow connection yet horrendous lag was still apparent, I’m wondering if this guy was cheating to win. Luckily, if he was cheating he didn’t get it because the network actually kicked the match but still! Thoughts and input? Or am I just bonkers?