Lag tactics and how to deal with them

So if you play 3SOE or a game similar to it such as Karnov you might be familiar with the many lag tactics players use in especially bad connections. So I’m going to share my experience with it and how I personally deal with it.

Alex’s Stomp crossups: Yeah I use Stomps, bfd. Guess what guy’s? It’s the easiest lag tactic to get out of; just hold a direction, do a wakeup or EX wakeup, wakeup super, jump out, better yet just parry it. Easy to deal with and only scrubs fall for it.

Ken: Whiffed LP SRK (you try to punish) and they do another LP SRK. Depending how close I am I might just let it go instead of letting them hit me if I try to punish and once Ken get’s that knockdown you’re kinda’ fucked for another reason, but if they’re close and doing it then punish with something fast as shit like say Dud’s EX MGB, Super, etc. The other thing Ken can abuse is his jMK crossup. Offline, Ken actually has to get good at timing in order to combo after the jMK, or they’re just going to go for a tick throw. Online it’s much easier to combo, Ken’s LOVE doing jMK followed by crLKx3 into Super, very easy for them to abuse. To counter that you have to either (A) parry the jMK (B) try to do something on wakeup to AA him or © just block everything. It sucks just blocking but the Ken player is pretty likely to mash crLK into SA3 even if you’re blocking and then you can punish him.

Akuma: Tatsu spam. If you block their ground Tatsu it’s very difficult to effectively punish them because 9 times out of 10 they’re going to end their Tatsu with SRK or just grab you. You have three options: Just block the whole thing and try -repeat- try to tech their throw. Punish Tatsu with Super if you have it. Better yet, just crouch block, the first hit of the Tatsu will hit, but the 2nd hit should whiff completely, then what you do is just hit forward to parry the 3rd hit (it’s regular parry instead of a red parry) and hit his ass out of the air.

Good luck trying to interrupt his SRK on wakeup with a meaty though.

Ibuki: down forward MK slide is mostly safe regardless of it hitting or not, and if it’s done deep it’s still hard to punish her. Best you can do is throw her (especially if you’re using a character with a good Kara-Throw) or backdash out to get away from any followups. Her EX is safe on wakeup and for whatever reason if you block it, as she’s falling she can do auto combo and there’s no way to hit her out before she does that. So parry that shit or just back off. Finally her tMK hop into EX Tsumji… good luck with that.

Makoto: This is what every online Makoto does: Grab as much as humanly possible, and if they start to catch onto to you trying to escape the grab followup up they then start doing her EX Overhead, or another Hayate, or jump towards them with Axe Kick or MK/HK. Good luck with this one. If you can consistently beat Makoto online then you stand a way better chance of beating her offline. Basically they’re going to do Hayate, and if you block they’re going to do exactly what I said above.** Side note: Almost every Makoto I’ve ever fought online loves to jump on wakeup. I don’t know why, if someone could explain why they do that I’d appreciate it.** What you have to do is zone her. Keep her out. maybe do you’re UOH if you think she’s going to dash in. Figure out which of you’re character’s pokes work against her, try to get that knock down and control the fight and even then they can quick roll crLK into Hayate and do whatever again or just parry on wakeup into her grab. I’ve also noticed if you’re using a character with high stamina that shouldn’t get TOD by her SA2 they can still do online shenanigans. I forget exactly how it goes but they do SA2, one Axe Kick or Up Punch (whatever it’s called) follow up, then when you land they try to grab you again or even EX Up Punch. Yeah, good luck trying to get out of that.

Urien: The dirtiest asshole to use online. I swear to god I’ve never fought a Urien with a good connection. I give up. Really. There is nothing you can do against a Urien player online. Corner Aegis is pretty much 9 times out of 10 free damage for them. Good fucking luck if they do Headbutt into Aegis and you can’t quick roll and then you’re caught in an unblockable. If any Urien player is reading this I want you to know that not a single win you get online is legit. Not a single fucking one./Rage.

Feel free to add more guys.

youve never played the game offline though

how do you know what a lag tactic is


I have played offline.

Yun/Yang and lagIbuki are the worst online btw.

Just stop playing online like i did. no more nerd rages from me.

Cpu don’t count.

I’m East Coast. Not much in the way of options.

I find it amusing that Metric is constantly bragging that he’s in So Cal, where the 3S scene is still alive and it’s home of the gods and he claims to have beaten Gootecks and Pyrolee without any video backing it up. Yet he still, STILL goes on GGPO to play 3S. I don’t get it.

BTW: CPU on hardest difficulty would provide more of a challenge than you’re flow chart Ken.

Yun’s genei-jin is nerfed online due to lag.
Ibuki st MK is pain.
Makoto can tick to karakusa easier online.
Tech throw seem impossible after Urien whiffs a headbut.
Denjin is Soulless.
Akuma’s tatsu spamming is safer on wake up and near impossible to punish on block.
And it goes on and on…

The only solution is to play with people where lag is tolerable.
Better yet, go to an arcade or invite some friends and play on console (PS2/PS3/XBOX).

You love my ken really, admit it.

You’re thinking of Rudi, not me.

Hey, if Rudi likes my Ken, that means alot more then what you think seeing as how he made top 8 last SVB.


Serious thread? Fuck it, I’ll reply anyway, maybe some online masher will read this and improve his game. Or not.

General rule: Don’t guess parry on wakeup, wheter your or theirs. Lag kills it, and this game lags, always. Just don’t do it.

Can’t meaty Akuma srk, invul frames on startup. Just stand outside of throw range on Akuma’s wakeup and you’re clear. Don’t crossup, auto correct SRK’s and tatsus will hit you out of the air, and you KNOW every Akuma mashes tatsu or srk on wakeup. Another thing is that NO Akuma player hitconfirms d+mk dive kick into x lk tatsu, they just do it, even if d+mk whiffs. Also, always crouch block against Akuma on your wakeup, he gets more shit out of low moves than he does from his overhead. Don’t fear the overhead, fear the

Oh yeah and every akuma player always throws after blocked lk tatsu, punish that shit.

Uhh, that’s how it goes offline as well.

Apparently the people struggling with “online tactics” should seek advice from a below average player. I personally think that the op has little to no knowledge of what an online tactic consists of because the fact still remains; he doesn’t, and will never play offline.

Listen, you don’t need advice on how to fight online tactics because there is no way of fighting it. Online tactics are things you simply cannot react to. How do you fight something you literally can’t stop? You stop playing people online that abuse it. The problems he posted in the thread are all things you can react to and punish, this kid just has downs.

As far me playing on GGPO when I live next to FFA? What can I say? I love Third Strike. I’m at home bored and a few friends of mine want to play, why not? GGPO isn’t a bad medium to play Third Strike on. With the right computer, internet connection and settings, it can be a very satisfying experience. Not sure where you seen me bragging about beating people I haven’t played, but that’s cool.

The countless times I’ve destroyed you on GGPO you’ve blamed my “ONLINE TACTICS”. I always accept your challenges because I hope one time we play you will understand how much you fucking suck and will own up to it and ask for advice on how to improve. I hope you’re making 150k a year and have a 10 inch dick because your ego isn’t because you’re good at Third Strike.

Alex TWO BOOTS mix-up is hella legit, I’m gonna win EVO with it.

Wait shit…

Well said.

You shouldn’t parry on wake up offline either and while we’re on the subject of wakeup shit. All you scrubs out there, stop throwing on wakeup. Seriously the amount of people that do that (and subsequently get punished) is insane.


So typical mak mixup’s are lag tactics now?

There are two extremes in lag strike, lag tactics and (legitimate) tactics that are improved by lag. Most fall somewhere in-between and depending on your skill level where you think the tactic falls may vary.

PS Their is a very simple “trick” to block aegis corner pressure but I will never tell.

Semi-serious thread get’s taken WAY too seriously. Maybe I shoulda’ used some smiley’s?

I should’ve made a point that Makoto’s online love doing Hayate then grab, easy to get out of offline, not so much online.

Corner Aegis: You can try to just crouch block, but good luck reacting to blocking their overhead. Maybe not guaranteed damage but still really hard to effectively block online.

LOL. You beat me something like 10 or 15 to 1 online with Chun Li and you think you’re the ultimate bad ass? Wow dude. You have issues. You really do. I beat you before, got something like 5-0 on you’re Dudley, etc. I explained this before but I asked you to pick Chun because I wanted to get better at that match, and when I brought up that it’s hard to tech a throw online you freak out and act like this.

You need help.

BTW: I do have a 10 inch dick in real life.