Lag Tactics


What shenanigans/tactics are only viable online?

Ryan Hart (name drop) has advised me that block stun is exaggerated online, to the extent that he couldnt adapt to it when we played.


The ‘lag pedal’ technique? In ST/HDR most stuff comes out at ‘faster than reaction’ speed anyway. You’ll want to abuse stuff that’s relatively slow but normally decent like the command Fireballs, Ryu’s overhead, long range fierce Sumo Torpedo or Fei’s roundhouse dash kick and stuff that requires tight timing to deal with like tick traps.

Conversely, you should be aware that many of those tactics are going to be less viable off-line.


You should ask Willdestroya. He loves challenging people from Europe and Latin America, picking Chun or Claw and talking shit if he manages to win! :razz:

Shit, dude, I really do not feel the same way as Ryan, but it does change a lot of things. Many, to be fair. Dictator’s scissor kicks often look like CE due to having to reversal before, when it looks like you are still in blockstun. But it would look the same if you got hit and the move did not knock down in this version. The point is lag screws things up, like it or not. I will be the first one to say GGPO and online HDR are a blessing in the sense it is better than relying on an arcade that may not have ST or not even exist nearby, but it messes things up, definitely.

Edit: Cross-up aerial attack into low attacks are hard to block online. Dee Jay’s cross-up into cr.jab, cr.short xx MGU or into cr.jab, throw pretty much forces him not to tech whenever you try the throw, or they risk eating the last part of the combo.

Rufus nailed it, basically. The more reaction the enemy needs, the worse it is for him online.


Everything online happens “faster” offline so it’s harder to react to certain things and makes certain matchups harder than they need to be.

For instance, dic vs gief is one of those match that are pretty much even offline but it’s in gief favor online. In this matchup it’s all about reacting to what gief does and answer accordingly but you’re reactions have to be on point. However online it can be to the point where the strat goes out the window and you are at the mercy of gief players. And don’t get me started on Honda!


Thats some scary stuff. I already use prediction as my main tool, if offline is faster, damn…


^^No offline is slower. Or less “jarring”. You’d be even better with your reactions offline.


He talks even more shit when he loses first to 10 matches to said Europeans.

IE me.


Practically everything works better online than it does offline. Offline my tick throws were being counter thrown or reversalled. Knee bash walk unders usually resulted in a wakeup throw beating my attack.

Anyway, it’s probably best we forget about this. Last thing we want is laggy people coming into lobbies and abusing the shit out of stuff. That will only convince the last remaining few players to leave and play SFIV.


Okay I know it’s normal for the game to slow down when you get hit with a fireball, but does that slow down naturally happen any other time?


Fireball lag only happens during fireball lag :P.

Also ggs ether think we played earlier.


Not in HD Remix. In other versions of the game…


Here are basically the times the speed of things might not be what you’d expect:

  • Hitstop. Everytime a thing hits another thing, the two entities involved initially pause for a handful of frames, for that extra powerful feeling. “A thing” here is either a character or a projectile.

  • Super flash. Whenever you input a super, there’s a brief (~20 frames) pause of everything on screen.

  • Heavy network lag. Under “normal” connections, the game won’t actually slow down to deal with network lag, it’ll just use rollbacks. But when network lag is especially heavy, the game will slow down temporarily to allow both sides to catch up.


Speaking of fireball lag, does anyone know exactly how it works? I’ve had really weird things happen during it like getting roundhouse Lightning Legs after only pressing roundhouse once (though I did hit a bunch of other buttons before hand) and canceling Chun’s far st. fierce into a Kikkoken, which you normally can’t do. That’s not even getting into the dropped inputs that I’m still trying to figure out the exact pattern to.


It seems very hard to beat a laggy ken that repeatedly jab dps.


O.Ken would make you cry…


There was a discussion about it in the Remix Frame Data thread.


I know i have alot of trouble with laggy gief’s.
sweep/spd/reversal-lariat from out of nowhere…


If you play anything like that Impact0009 dude. You abuse lag and use lag tactics. That’s the truth.

There’s others on XBL that abuse lag but this guy’s tactics ALWAYS put a smile on my face.


Ken’s jab dp is pretty easy to punish, though I realize that not all other characters have the privilege of having an awesome normal like Sagat’s standing fierce.

A few lag issues I have:

  • Punishing ryu’s lk tatsu
  • walking up and blocking fireball on reaction (can screw cammy over)
  • Balrog in general
  • getting away with tiger knee is too easy. It’s like a dash
  • difficult time blocking ambiguous attacks and crossups
  • reversals can be much harder to perform

I’ve also heard Dhalsim complaints, that his limbs are too fast, but I don’t really think he benefits from lag so much.


Same with laggy bisons, lol :D.

I watched a video of us playing today and I missed 9/10 tick throw attempts. You just jumped out of them like nothing. And my timing is immaculate :(.

Plus I couldn’t react to a lot of your moves as they skipped tons of frames :/.